Nov. 19th, 2006

Livejournal, you have got to be fucking kidding me. You have got to be.
Every time I go to make a post, it asks me, "Restore from saved draft?" and if I click OK, it gives me the entry I previously posted.

This time, when I just had my first kernel panic ever on this computer, and I had an entry that had been sitting here in this window for two fucking days, getting slowly added to and nearly but never quite finished, it gives me...

Fuck you, SixApart, and your bullshit Improvements. All they ever do is make LJ inconvenient to use. They can't be relied upon when you need them!

OK. Calmer now. Trying to recreate. That post was no work of art anyway.

1. I had told a humorous anecdote about Brian Boru. See, we went to Shannon Pub for dinner last night, Z and I. The waitress was wearing a promotional t-shirt for Boru vodka, and Z didn't know who that was. (The short version of Brian Boru, as explained by my father when I was little, was that he kicked the Vikings out of Ireland. This isn't really true, but it's a good way of explaining the first High King to a small child.) So I explained. Z misheard me.
"He kicked the penguins out of Ireland," Z said. "What, like, with a broom? There he is, all, 'Shoo! Shoo!' and they're all, 'Awk! Awk!' And that's why there aren't any penguins in Ireland."
"That," I said, "is exactly what happened."
It's better that way. I need a Brian Boru Penguins icon.

2. I did the Six Odd Things meme, although nobody tagged me. It proved to be exceedingly difficult, as I blather constantly about everything odd about myself on here, so there's pretty much nothing y'all don't know. this has no punchline )

3. Practice. I was blogging rollergirls practice, and then I paused to go and search Google Images for pictures of a roller skate so I could make myself a rollerskate icon. I am not going to pause again because when the computer kernel-panicked it lost all my tabs (there are comments I was going to leave on posts: i've lost them: I'm sorry, if we were having a conversation and I just don't answer, it's because I lost the tab in that crash just now) and I don't want to search again just yet. Also I want to post this before LJ decides to be useless. (I see it has Autosaved a draft just now. But I had also seen that it had Autosaved a draft just before the computer went down and now we all know what a Fucking Useless Waste Of Time that turned out to be.)

Practice today ruled. My ass hurts something fierce, a constant dull ache in my tailbone, but it's not debilitating (except for one brief moment when Hazel kept clipping my wheels and tripping me [by accident of course-- Hazel Mayhem is, despite the name, a perfectly sweet girl] and I discovered that if I am bent over and flailing it hurts like the dickens) and it didn't stop me from skating at all. And my chest is still a bit gooey but if I can avoid a coughing fit I can actually breathe well enough to exert myself pretty much fully.

I had several people comment on how good my form looked and how fast I was moving today, and especially how well I was falling, so that felt pretty nice. I'm doing better on the crossovers-- instead of just skateboard-pushing with one foot, I'm at least making a token effort to make that weird pulling gesture with the left foot before crossing over with the right, which makes it a true crossover. This is probably very boring to anyone who doesn't rollerskate, but it's fascinating to me--I am so bad at anything requiring bodily coordination that the very concept of pulling with one foot whilst pushing with the other blows my fuckin mind.
But one thing I've become quite good at is throwing myself at the ground. Honestly, it doesn't hurt. So when you're doing a drill where you have to fall, it hurts less if you build up speed and don't slow down or hesitate, but just commit to the fall. The faster you hit the ground, the more of your momentum is still continuing sideways rather than downward. So during the Suicides relay (get up, skate halfway, fall down, turn around, skate back, fall: repeat at [pre-marked] intervals until you've gone all the way across the rink and back, then tag the next girl to do the same) I was making up for the fact that i have no accelleration by not slowing down before falling. This was dramatic because it meant that when I hit the ground I'd slide quite a distance and turn around while sliding. I'm mastering that technique, but it probably won't help me in bouts.
But. What was so cool today: WE ACTUALLY BOUTED! We divided into teams, and half of us put on white t-shirts and half put on black, and then we formed a pack-- Pivot, Inside blocker, Outside blocker, Back blocker, Jammer, two of each (one for each team)-- and then we actually skated and the jammers tried to get to the front. it was so exciting! It was so much fun! It meant that the forty pages of WFTDA rules suddenly MADE SENSE. We had a blast. But when I was inside blocker for the white team and Hazel was for the black, she suddenly discovered that her skating has an odd lateral motion that winds up with her wheels clipping the person to her left when in a tight pack, which was me, and that hurt a lot. I fell on my knee, though, so it had no ill effects (as that's where the pads are) and I caught right back up to the pack. But my ass is killing me now. Not bad enough that I'm doping myself up, but...
I have developed an informal policy, by the way, that I'm not going to take pain killers before practice. if I am hurt, I should be feeling it, so that I know when to stop. I don't want to damage myself and not notice until afterward-- there's too much likelihood of that already, what with the adrenaline.

The really really really cool thing about roller derby, though, is what a woman it makes everyone be-- and by that I mean, in the sense they mean it when they say "be a man"-- like separating the men from the boys, only, not males, and we're not separating anybody, we're just making people live to their potential. I mean it makes you be everything you can. You wind up giving so much of yourself, and then more, because it's so exciting that you want to, because you don't want to stop and you don't want to lose, you want to do the best you can because you want to do it. It feels so good to skate, to fall and get up, to get past the other girls, to help your jammer pass theirs-- it just feels so good and is so much damn fun that it makes you overcome pain or fear or selfconsciousness or lack of confidence that you didn't know you could overcome.
The downside is, of course, all the overuse injuries we're seeing in our injured bench-- girls who just skated too hard, harder than their bodies could handle. Most of us are over thirty. Most of us aren't athletes. (Well. Weren't.) None of us, however, have seriously, permanently damaged ourselves, I might mention.
But the upside: the upside is that nearly three dozen of us have become better at something than we ever thought we could be, and have done things we didn't realize we could do. And have spent hours doing something we never realized we'd enjoy so much.

I'm a lot less of a wuss than I thought I was.
[Poll #871359]

The thing to keep in mind is that each is in a wildly disparate part of Buffalo, and none particularly close to my house.
It's my one weeknight off! (Nothing ever happens on Sunday nights.) I need to spend it well.

I should probably skate. I'm trying to talk Z into joining me but he won't.



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