Nov. 17th, 2006

Yesterday I had a particularly acute sinus headache, that was more like the distinct sensation of someone taking an ice pick to the area just under my right eye and going stabby, stabby, stabby for three consecutive hours without pause. After 3 hours it gradually dissipated into more the sensation of someone taking a strap and winding it around my whole head and going squeezy squeezy for a few more hours.
Meanwhile there were flight delays to every major airport, and the bar was full of people talking really loud and ordering things one at a time. "I'll have another beer." "Anyone else want anything?" "Nope, we're good." "Ok." *goes away* *comes back* "Here's your beer." "Hey, I'll have one of those too." *twitch* "Anyone else want anything? You, sir, you look thirsty-- you want anything?" "Nope, we're good." *goes away* *comes back* "Here's your beer." "Hey, I guess I am thirsty. Can I get a glass of water?" *twitch twitch* "ANYONE ELSE want ANYTHING?" "No, we're good."
I think you can all see where this is going. And I would think I would not have to say this, but I am going to, as apparently it needs to be said: DON'T DO THAT SHIT.
The best part was when I'd come and say, "How is everything?" And NOT ONE PERSON at the table would acknowledge my presence.
I got a bit shouty. "HOW'S EVERYBODY DOING?"
I just pretended I was hard of hearing. Man, when I listed our draft beers for the ninetieth time, I made sure the whole restaurant heard me.

So, about $1k in sales, which is not quite twice my usual, but an awful lot more going around in circles than the level of business warranted, and all three of us were doing this. Which meant none of us could get caught up. You don't realize how much you need just a minute to stand and collect your thoughts and refill your napkin dispenser and put some forks in the bin and clean out the dishwasher's refuse basket and the like. But after seven consecutive hours without A Minute, even SCW was pretty scatterbrained. And her brain-- I'd've thought it didn't scatter.

So anyway. I have a slightly more diffuse version of The Stabby going on in my face this morning, which I've attempted to remedy by lots of steam (stood in the bathroom all during Z's shower, then took a long one of my own, then hung my face over a bowl of boiling water, etc. etc.) and I'm feeling decent, but my right eye still feels like it's bugging out a little. Mmmm. Stabby-stabby. Also my neck hurts but I think that's from coughing. Which I haven't been doing much, but when I do, I do it kind of hard.

Big NaNo progress: The scene I posted last night put my cumulative total up to 49,400ish, and i have another scene half-written and when I paste it into the big document I'll be well over 50k. So. Tonight!
But I'm not celebrating until I put it all into one document. And even then, the novel's only 3/4 done. (Is it? Jesus, I better get a move-on on that plot. I want a finished length of 75k. That would rock so hard. Can I do it? We'll see.)
But it's kind of got a plot, some themes, some things I'm addressing I didn't know I was interested, but are neatly distilled down into actually interesting-ness. I think.
So, we'll see.

I haven't been hungry much lately. I keep thinking I should go buy me a big bowl of soup or something, but I just haven't been hungry. Food doesn't taste like anything. Really I'm not that sick, but I just can't taste anything.
Ew ew ew I just like found an entire like sentient alien being in my sinus cavity just now. I am sure that is TMI but it astonishes me how much goo I just managed to get out of there.
Maybe it'll hurt less if I just keep drinking water and blowing my nose. Sick. Ew ew ew. Sorry to share that, I just had to tell somebody.



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