Nov. 9th, 2006


Nov. 9th, 2006 09:22 am
I am so sad that Donald Rumsfeld is gone. He was just so great. The way he gracefully took criticism and listened to his opponents' concerns in a mature and reasoned fashion; the way he respected the military he demanded so much of and ensured that they were never without the support they needed: oh, truly a great man has left us.

OK I can't even keep that up.
What the hell, Rummy? Whatever happened to staying the course? Too afraid someone was going to call bullshit on you??
Choke and die, asshole.

And that will be my political rant for a while. I really am made about half as nervous (which is a lot) by all the Oh Yayz Now Politicians Will Save The World fervor as I was by the OMG ONOZ Now Politicians Will Wreck The World fervor after the last election. Because there's just not that much difference between them, and while I'll certainly give you Policians Wrecking The World (they're doing a damn fine job), I just don't have any faith that it works the other way. Show me an example of politicans doing actual good in the world, and I might reconsider, but in the meantime... I mean, I guess I'm psyched that the Regime Of Actual Evil Intentions has been thwarted, but I am pretty much resigned to watching more bad things happen and I'm sort of low on energy to spare for disillusionment so I'll just not bother raising up the illusions.

However, I am happy that all my friends are happy. This is a pretty simple thing to enjoy, so I'm going to enjoy that.

In other news I am attempting to work out the logistics of car-sitting for a friend who has left me his keys and stowed his car someplace in the Buffalo Airport's parking lot for me to rescue. This would be well and good except he needs it back on Tuesday and I need to have driven to work on Tuesday so I can leave straight from work to go to practice. So things have to be somehow sorted out. At least I can spare him the cost of leaving it in Long Term over the weekend.



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