Nov. 5th, 2006

I sent my sister a slightly-drunken text message last night explaining that I had accepted Mary Kay as my personal lord and savior.

It's true. )

The fact that at the time I was sitting in one of the balconies at Nietsche's during the intermission of a blues show only makes it better.
However. I will pay dearly today. I am so so tired, it is like I was hit by a truck. I have to go to roller derby, then attempt to listen in for part of the league meeting, then cut out of that early and dash to work to close Landmark, which is highly likely to suck. And meanwhile, my guts feel kind of like they were wrung out, even though I... well, I had four drinks last night, but over the course of over six hours, so I sort of feel like there's no excuse for a hangover. (There isn't; upon arrival home I drank about 20 ounces of water, too.)

I want so badly to call in sick to work. I only ever do dumb things and get into trouble when I'm working someone else's shift. I am not smart. I am tired today. And I didn't do any writing at all yesterday, and really want to do some today.
But none of those are really good reasons. Not missing the league meeting could maybe be a good reason. The fact that I haven't yet called in since they reset the attendance policy in July is kind of a dumb reason. I don't think I can justify calling in on the grounds of my eczema, given that I've worked with worse. But we'll see; if I am as retarded as I am now by the time practice ends at noon, then maybe that would be a good reason: but I don't want to let anybody down, the way calling in would.

Well, I've agonized long enough. Time to finish this coffee and get to practice. Urgh.



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