Nov. 2nd, 2006

Crass materialism: wittering on about bras )

So yes, that was just like 2000 words about my boobs. I hope you all enjoyed that. I needed to rant.

NaNoWriMo: I'm over six thousand words. But it's not really going where I wanted. Too early to be dismayed. I'm just going to have to suck it up and do my best to come up with a plot. I have half the book plotted. But then I just haven't figured out where to go. Durr. I'm an idiot. But I digress.

Last night I went to a NaNo write-in, mostly just for an appearance. Then I went to the Wednesday night open skate and showed off my bruise, which is in fine form-- it's really kind of grody and purple and weird-dark-red. It looks awful. I wore a Band-Aid over it at work and told everyone I'd cut myself shaving.
And yes, there are bruises on my tits too where I landed. It's sort of horrible. And sort of not that bad. I need more supportive bras, though. Or at least cuter ones, that will fail more adorably than the sexless ancient sports bras I have left over from fencing. (I have no idea whether my bra size has changed, or whether I just became more interested in finding ones that fit. I honestly don't know. Stupid boobs. I mean, I like them and all, I just wish they were a little more, er, cooperative.)
I can't stop talking about my boobs today! God.

Time to get back to writing.



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