Oct. 19th, 2006

Arborgeddon: Artvoice's examination of the storm, our experiences in it, and its significance.

They're dumping fallen trees in a goddamn Superfund site, the bloody bleeding idiots.

There's a convoy of cherrypickers inhabiting my road. The one I can see from my window says, www.midwestelectric.biz on the side. The Internet informs me they're based in Ohio. I've also seen a lot of trucks from New England. Thanks, guys. I do mean that.

I was in a good mood this morning until I decided to take a vitamin to stave off the cold I think I'm getting, forgetting that stupid One-A-Day vitamins induce nausea if taken on an empty stomach. (I'd had a big thing of coffee so I didn't realize it was an empty stomach, and so shortly demonstrated that actually it wasn't. Gross.) So I've just been violently ill all over the place, and am thus rather disgruntled. Also, hungry, but I don't dare eat. Fuck you, One-A-Day.

[livejournal.com profile] marthawells linked to the review I wrote of the Ile-Rien trilogy from her own blog. I am astonished, and flattered, and am for once actually replying to comments to keep the discussion on that entry going. I had a bunch more deep thoughts I was going to post here, but, well, you know, distractions. (*urk* God damn you to hell, One-A-Day.)

In the course of this discussion it became apparent that nobody has really written any fic about Ile-Rien, which distresses me immoderately. I may be forced to break my Tolkien-Only streak. Not that I'd have the slightest idea where to post such a thing.

The deep thoughts I was having had something to do with the question of including smut in a story, or not. [livejournal.com profile] marthawells mentioned that it was something normally left up to the discretion of the author, at least as far as she knew; I gave this some consideration while I was writing the novel about the vikings (NaNo 2k4, I think) and the thing just kept getting smuttier and smuttier, but I haven't considered it in so long... The Internet is just so big that it's easy to find your own worldview and spend your filtering efforts at excluding things that disagree with you, so by my reading choices I've sort of become convinced that everything's got smut in it. What that says about me, I don't know. But I had a fascinating discussion with Z last night about whether anything plot-significant happens during smut, or not. I was going to comb through my own writing and find several smut scenes and determine whether it was really important to the plot to know who put what where and when, or whether I'm just a filthy pervert for including them at all. But I sort of don't have time right this moment.

So, in my three-hour block on the bus and waiting for work to start, I will either be putting together a Fascinating Essay on Smut, or... be writing some absolutely filthy Ilias/Tremaine smut probably involving chocolate and possibly involving biting. I cannot help being a dork.

Oh for the love of God, One-A-Day, what the hell did I ever do to you????? AUGH I am going to firebomb your manufacturing facility to spare the rest of the world this anguish. *hurk* As soon as I can walk. *hurk* This had BETTER be done by the time I have to get on the bus! I am not wasting a sick day because I was too stupid to eat a goddamn cracker or something before I took my stupid vitamin!!



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