Oct. 6th, 2006

Z had been wanting a jar of marmalade for a while. When he made the duck recipe, the glaze called for marmalade, so he gleefully went off and bought it. I don't think it's proper marmalade-- it's "sweet" marmalade, which means it's more sugary than orangey. But I won't burst his bubble, and it's lovely on toast. So I've been having marmalade on toast all week as my breakfast. I don't know if I've conveyed the strife this household regularly suffers over breakfast. Z won't eat breakfast at all, except for perhaps a bagel with cream cheese, or a full-blown bacon-and-eggs-and-possibly-cheese-somehow-involved affair. Otherwise he declines breakfast on most occasions.
I would be happy to do this as well except that if I do not eat sometime before about 11 I get woozy, grumpy, weak, listless, and impossible to deal with. So I must eat. But I loathe breakfast foods. Cereal is tolerable once every month or two. Oatmeal doesn't really excite me much. Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel make me ill, especially when I realize they've fulfilled 80% of my caloric needs for the day (and 110% of my sugar and fat and also 90% of my sodium!). So every morning I get out of bed and putter cheerfully until my tummy rumbles a bit and I drag myself into the kitchen to stare listlessly into cupboards for an hour or so.

So the simple joys of marmalade on toast must not be underemphasized.

Especially when you find out, ten minutes before leaving the house, that rollergirl practice is cancelled...needlessly bitchy rant )

So I have the car today. What must I do? God, all kinds of things I had dismissed as un-do-able are now back on the table and I simply cannot mentally process them all. Nugh!
1. Haircut, 2. Mall, 3. Bank, 4. I don't think there's actually that much time in a day so I should stop numbering now, because 5. Work is at 2 pm and I must allow an extra hour for parking. Have I mentioned how much employee parking sucks now? It takes an extra half-hour out of my day that already had a half-hour taken out for the commute (which used to be 20 minutes). I will not go on about this as I should probably get going on those errands.

photo meme!

Oct. 6th, 2006 01:37 pm
Here are the first of my responses to the photo meme. I was denied the opportunity to get the rollergirl pictures, however, so Kat will have to wait. At this rate the Elmwood porn shops would be easier to photograph...

I also have a haircut appointment for 11:30. I am very excited as this will be my first real haircut for which I will pay actual money to a real person who knows how to cut hair since... 2003, I think. I do like getting my hair cut, I just sort of never do it. As a result I am actually really annoyed with it right now as it is Just Too Long. Perhaps I should take a picture of "before"? I'll add that to the meme. (For future reference, waist-length is a fine length for hair to be, but beyond that it is IRRITATING, especially when raggedy and tangly and brittle and STUPID. I can't wear it down for even a few minutes or it wraps around itself and goes into ridiculous tangles that it takes me days to sort out.)

... Coming back to this about 24 hours later, I now have a haircut to show off, and a lot of bruises from work yesterday, ugh. I also went shopping and have new clothing to throw into the mix, but still nothing perfect to wear. The hair stylist, by the way, said that black was fine to wear to a wedding in her social group anyway, and I mean, she's a stylist, right?

So. Pictures.

photo meme photos. Again, this has been a bit difficult due to insufficient support for Safari.
What's funny is that all the photos taken by my computer's built-in webcam are mirror-imaged. Which means, you guessed it-- the pictures including my face look much better to me than the ones taken by my other camera (none in this set have my face). I look normal, the way I see myself. I don't know if any of you see me often enough to notice the difference, but it's a subtle one anyway. I couldn't tell you any specific effect.

Anyhow. I've succeeded in taking a boring meme and making it boring-er by blathering on about irrelevant things, so I'll put in a cut so people know where to skip to.

Pictures of my ass!! Or not. )

That's enough for one post, but I have other photos in the gallery: I have pictures for [livejournal.com profile] sirielle and [livejournal.com profile] mother2012's requests in there. But in the interests of doing something with my day, I must flee now, and shall return later.



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