Oct. 2nd, 2006


Oct. 2nd, 2006 08:31 am
Whew, this weekend whipped by...
Saturday I got home from work, showered, and leapt into a baking project. I had resolved to perfect my brownie recipe to bring along to the housewarming party of some friends from e:strip. So I mastered my mother's brownie recipe-- but one observation I have to make is that every single goddamn time I bake something, it winds up taking at least 30-80% longer than the baking time listed in the recipe. These browies said "335-350 degrees, bake for 20-25 minutes. Do not overbake."
They were in the oven, with a thermometer assuring me it was an even 330 in there, for 35 minutes.

I pulled them straight out of the oven and, holding them with pot holders, carried them to the car. By the time we reached the party they were cool enough to carry with my bare hands.
me, partying? )
I made it out tipsy but not wasted, and went to bed by 4 am, but I slept through the next morning's roller derby practice and league meeting. I don't like that I can only attend two practices a week, because it gives me no leeway to miss one. (We have to attend two per week.) Bah! But there's little else I can do, save perhaps quitting my job. Which isn't exactly feasible-- not yet.

Yesterday Z and I went out and bought a lawn mower-- but it's out of stock, so it won't be here until next week or the week after. Which is nice and all, but our lawn needs to be cut, er, last week. I told Z to borrow his mom's-- she's already offered it-- and he said OK and then proceeded not to do so.
I bought an assload of bulbs to plant in the front yard-- we will have daffodils, dammit-- but yesterday I was so foggy-minded that I didn't get beyond weeding the front flowerbeds before I came inside and passed out again.

Z made duckling for dinner-- the impulse-purchased duckling-- and it was awesome. Meanwhile I cleaned out the living room and rearranged the furniture. We now have two couches in there, and the back porch is bereft of couch.
I need to make/buy slipcovers for the two couches, because the stained grody white love seat and the slightly sun-faded orange-and-brown-and-yellow World's Ugliest Couch are sort of not making for harmonious decor. We also need a new carpet. And a new vaccuum. Bah! Reality bugs me.

I am saner today. Maybe I can plant those bulbs today.
I just got an email from the accounting-type person at Z's job, saying that she feels they really ought to be paying me for the reviews I do for them. So henceforth I'm getting paid to write. Yay! I'm legally a freelancer in the eyes of the IRS. :D

Now will they give me back pay?
Eh, whatever. :)



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