Sep. 27th, 2006

This is the first in what is likely to be a binge of picture posts. Why, you ask? Because I am going to spend my bus ride today putting all my old photos into new albums on my new computer. Like with the music, I am trying to keep only the things I like, in a fashion wherein they are organized and so I can find them to love them. Yes. Yay.

This, however, is a new photograph, that I have just taken this morning. It was how I christened the new computer, and made sure it could connect to the camera. It was taken by request. [ profile] tehta makes jewelry, beautiful jewelry, and has recently begun trying her hand at stained glass jewelry. I own a piece of stained glass jewelry made by a woman named Elissa Halloran, who used to baby-sit me when I was too small to remember: she now runs a successful gallery in Albany. This necklace is gorgeous, and never fails to delight me. I loaned it to Ann for Katy's wedding and it was perfect. Etc. Etc.
I mentioned this and [ profile] tehta asked for a picture so she could see how it was put together.
Looking at the construction of it, it looks to have been soldered with the same kind of wand-thing [ profile] tehta was talking about in her post-- it's just a bit lumpy here and there. And the spiral across the front is almost definitely the same material. I never noticed; it struck me as being more substantial than that, but I think it's just a piece of solder. There are tiny dents along the side where the spiral is curved, that I think show the vise or pliers Elissa used to shape it. I hadn't noticed them before, and thought perhaps they were damage it's sustained while I wore it, but they're more regular, and I think they're an artifact of its manufacture.

[ profile] tehta, I think your soldering is every bit as good as Elissa's, who does this for a living, so there you are: on the brink of being an unstoppable force in the jewelry world. Could I buy some of your jewelry? At least to cover the cost of materials so you'll make more? (Also I feel bad for implying in an inattentive comment that your soldering needed practice. I didn't mean it!)

I'm actually rather pleased with how the photos turned out-- for the curious, the background is my grody secondhand white (ugh) couch, which is in a room with a giant east-facing window, so that's direct sunlight. I tell you what, direct sunlight is the best thing in the world for photos and I don't care what the photo textbooks tell you.

A professional photographer is coming to roller derby open skate tonight to get pictures for the rollergirls' bios for the website. I doubt I'll get there in time. Maybe I'll have to do a self-portrait. But what look should I go for, as a derby girl?
If I get my picture done tonight, it's likely that my "look" will be the "sweaty straight from work" look, which is oh so fetching on me. (Bonus "didn't wash hair today" points. Shut up, I don't like to shampoo my hair more often than every 36 hours.)
You would think that a girl with a (*checks quickly*) 10 GB iPhoto library would have a decent photo of herself. But, no. Not so much.



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