Sep. 16th, 2006


Sep. 16th, 2006 08:27 am
I am tired and more than ready for it to be the weekend already. Bleah.
Not that I have today off, because I don't. But tonight-- I have tonight off.

All that I have done this week has gone awry. There have just been the most elaborate wrongnesses, all week.
* Z's interview, which started the week off on a hopeful note, has become more of a stressful thing: they said, "We'll be deciding this week," said he'd either get a letter or a phone call-- "A call is good, a letter is bad," they explained. Well, as of this morning, nothing. Which probably means a letter.
more of similar: )
But. That's the theme of this week. The best-laid plans going awry.

Today I am going to try to chill out. Just chill the fuck out. Tonight a friend from Rochester will probably be in town. Dinner would be nice. Z has been sad and grumpy this week, so I hope he gets a nice morning Saturday chill in while I'm working.

I am just tired. Not tired like sleep could help me, but tired like I need a break from reality. At least I've gotten a lot of writing done this week-- revising, that is. B_N is a lot tighter-- the last ten chapters and the first ten, at least. We'll see. I wish I could bring it to read at work, but I don't think the management would be best pleased to see that I'd stashed an entire computer in the cupboard at Jakes. (Although I did check: it would fit.)



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