Sep. 15th, 2006

apple's hold music is lame. What was that, an R&B remix of "Them Belly Full But We Hungry"?
Exqueeze me?
Baking powder?

I explained to the helpful "Ben" (the most articulate Apple helpline person so far) that I had been asked if I wanted to transition to an 80 GB iPod, and had carefully considered the options and had decided to do so despite it making me ineligible for the rebate offer on the old iPods.
But then Apple had emailed me saying they were sending me the 60 GB as ordered.
So I asked what the deal was.
"Oh," he said, "that's scheduled to go out today. I don't think I can stop it from shipping. I can go ahead and send you some return forms..."
"Oh," I said, "it's engraved. Hm. No, I don't want to make you have to do that. I'll just take the 60 GB if it's already shipping. It just all happened so fast-- on the phone yesterday she said I'd successfully transferred, and then this morning they're all, Your 60 GB is shipping...."
"Gee," he said. "Let me see about the rebate on the new ones..."
*shitty hold music*
"No," he said, "the new ones can't be purchased under the rebate offer. Hm."
"I'm fine with the 60 GB," I said, "I just wanted to find out what was going on."
"Gosh," he said, "You're being a good sport. Why don't I throw in a free iPod remote and give you a $20 credit on your pending Macbook order, so that you're not paying $50 extra for the older, smaller model of iPod?"
"Wow," I said, "that does make me feel better."

Apple, you weird plastic bitches... we'll see if I love you once I get all my stuff. Which should be... "Next week," Ben said.

My only real issue is that their phones are quiet and I have trouble hearing them. It can't be my phone-- I never have trouble hearing my drunk friends yelling at me from the bar. (Ahem. Last night. Eleven pm. Thanks, fellas.)



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