Sep. 8th, 2006

I got new things from LL Bean, which is very exciting. Except the slippers are too small. I should've ordered up a size! But my rollerskates made me think my feet were small.

But I have a new backpack, for the first time since probably my freshman year of high school. So I am excited. I am a little torn: should I unsew the patches from my old backpack, or would that be disrespectful to the poor old thing?
I have a nice one from Emma, and one I got at a Less Than Jake concert which depicts a dude throwing a swastika into a garbage can and says "Keep Your Country Nice And Clean"... or maybe I should be sorta classy and eschew patches at all...

It has a laptop sleeve inside it, which is a novelty. It isn't removable, unfortunately, but it's padded... and bright freakin' orange... Whatever. Anyhow, I'm excited by new possessions.

Apparently, however, Apple is launching new products next week. So this week is a retarded time to buy a computer. So I'm not.
I'm waiting. Patiently. For next week. Or something. We'll see.

I miss my iPod sorely. It wouldn't be so bad, except I woke up with an Avril Lavigne song inexplicably in my head, and it's been driving me nuts. She's even whining over the Dire Straits I have playing now. My downtime prior to work might be a bit unbearable today if she doesn't shut up.



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