Jul. 29th, 2006


Jul. 29th, 2006 03:16 pm
Second of my two in a row Saturdays off. I had no plans for this weekend, had considered something ambitious, and then just got overwhelmed with work. Last weekend was busy busy lovely hanging out and doing odd chores. This weekend, I'm thinking, I'll hit the Ren Faire tomorrow with Z, but today...
I was so tired by the end of my shift last night, that I was considering weeping. I had the attention span of a goldfish, couldn't remember anything. Z was analyzing my processor problems as we drove home from dinner-- he decided it was either problems with my virtual memory (ie, not enough memory, inactive tasks get farmed out to virtual memory, and then when you try to recover them and make them active again, the computer has to hang until they can be recalled)-- or possibly, thread starvation, which is the sort of thing he says shouldn't even survive to be an issue in a production operating system, but results from a malfunctioning scheduler, which simply does not allocate any resources to certain threads, so that they make no progress.
Which was also pretty similar to the problems I was having. But I don't really know anything about my brain's operating system. Maybe I did get stuck with a lousy experimental version that has a faulty scheduler.
Anyhow. Dinner was good-- we went to BW BBQ in the middle of nowhere (Blasdell?) down past Lackawanna. It was tasty. We got lost. Then we came home.
We went to bed earlyish last night, woke up eightish, got out of bed nineish, Z made bacon and omelets, we ate them, and then we've been doing household chores in a sort of desultory fashion ever since. A while back as an experiment I took a couple small Tupperware containers and put liquor with various herbs in them, and then forgot about them. Z was sampling them this morning to see what they taste like. So he's passed out now, which is funny.

It's not hot today so much as sticky. i'd considered the beach, but, well, ech. Beaches around here are kinda grody. I guess I got spoiled, as a kid, living in the foothills of the Adirondacks.

Tomorrow-- Ren Faire! I plan on Farbing out like a farby thing. It'll be fab.



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