Jun. 22nd, 2006

"34% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee."
Dave got 25%.

Mom sent us all the link-- well, told us to Google it. Mom herself got 38%, Fiona got 33%, my brother-in-law unsurprisingly got an 86% (he is, after all, from Mississippi), and Katy got 56%.

In other news, I have today off because tonight is the rehearsal dinner for Dave's buddy's wedding.

Other other news includes my peas being ripe (well, the few of the first batch that actually came up!), and my orange daylilies being in bloom. Also the largest tomato plant is almost three feet tall.

I spent several hours yesterday (while waiting for my shift to begin) going over the finished novel. I like about 2/3 of the chapters. I should just cut the other ones. The ones I like are online, at the webpage I listed earlier. (Well, up to a point.)

I am very tired and grumpy today, so it's good I have it off. I drove Z into work this morning and I totally had road rage the whole way there. So I think I will be attempting to chill out this morning. My legs hurt badly, one ankle, one hip, and both knees, for no reason. I need a vacation, or something. But I'll take just working three days this week, that would be ok too...

Damn it, when is the last time I had anything interesting to say in here?? Man. It's been a while.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 03:21 pm
omgsqueeee! I ordered more stuff from bravissimo and figured I'd get it next month, so when I just opened my kitchen door to take advantage of the cool breeze and the box containing my new bra and two new bra-included-shirts fell in, I squeed all over the place.
I believe I will wear my new purple halter top to the rehearsal dinner tonight after all.

In other news, I don't know why, but I read (as quickly as I could) the whole msscribe HP fiasco tale, because it was linked to by [livejournal.com profile] sartorias with interesting link text, and I thought, Oh, this is what people on my flist have been going on about with sockpuppets and what have you. I admit that in high school, when the Internet was largely explored via Telnet and occasionally Internet Exploder, I had a brief thing for actual sock puppets made from socks, and so have been bewildered at the appropriation of the term... but, anyhow, it was interesting, if disturbing, to see how deep some people will go with it. I really couldn't be less involved (I've read all the HP books and, in my head, plotted part of a short fic, but when I realized I didn't like any of Rowlings' characters and just liked the idea of magic wands, I gave up), but I am fannish enough that I know what all the words mean, and so it was pretty fascinating, really.

Another fascinating thing I read was the latest issue of Smithsonian magazine-- my gram, despairing of what to get Z for Christmas, sent him a subscription. I should probably write and thank her, and let her know that he never reads them but I voraciously do and tell him what he's missed. This one had an article about strawberry breeding that was pretty fascinating, and then there was an article about how the invention of nitrogen-fixing fertilizer changed the world. I had never really considered it, but apparently, without the invention of chemical fertilizer, the human population would long ago have crashed. So, there you have it. I'm sort of creeped out and kind of tempted to cut corn from my diet, but, you know, I am a pretty shallow person after all. But I will valiantly continue to compost!

I really want to start a column for Z's magazine where I write little ecological tips, partly because I know I'd only have to write about two and then I could just open it up to letters from readers, who would write the rest of them for me.
Also it has been like two months now and still the editor has not gotten around to authorizing any restaurant reviews whatsoever, and I would really prefer to write something that didn't rely on him, since, you know, he's, well, unreliable. But. There we go.

OK, this new tank top shows a great deal more of my boobs than I had anticipated. Oh dear.
I have decided that I really need to learn to sew my own clothes, because I could make this, and could show off my boobs on my own terms. But. How to learn? I went to JoAnn's on Tuesday, and spent two hours there, and was unable to find a single thing I wanted to buy. I can't shop for crap, and I have no skills at figuring out what I can do. Bah.

And, thirdly (I actually have no idea how many things I've written in this post, but, 'thirdly' seemed appropriate), I am thoroughly psyched because a random HASA person who has become active since my own activity there tapered off contacted me and asked to exchange beta-ing. I don't know where she dug me up, except that I posted that E/L story there not so long ago and her story is the same pairing, and she left a comment on it a while back. I read her story, and my initial reaction (mostly to the title) was "ugh", but then I read it and thought, actually, that's not so... actually, that's... actually I could see where she could improve that and actually I kind of like it. Which is UNPRECEDENTED in my reading of E/L stuff, so. And I said, "Well, I'd beta for you, but I'm a horrible person, and also I want betaing for an original novel of DOOOOM" and, and this is the part that has me psyched, she said, "OK!" and has been reading the Barbarians Novel and hasn't run screaming.
So, I should probably buckle down and, you know, get to work on that. But still! Someone to willingly read this thing! Can you imagine? I sort of can't.

So, life is good, and it's ridiculously humid here but I have new shirts-that-don't-really-cover-me to wear, and I'll surely survive the weather. Off to be productive, and also I should remove the tag from this shirt because it's itchy.



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