May. 31st, 2006

Well... Z just left for work, and Mom and Dad just left to go home, so I'm alone again. My house is immeasurably improved, as is my outlook on life. However, of course, now I'm sad, because I already miss my mommy and daddy. Throughout the entire weekend we had not one moment where anybody disagreed with anybody else, so either I'm finally grown-up enough, Mom's finally mellow enough, or we finally see little enough of one another that we can't work up the friction for a quarrel anymore. Probably the last option, but it was delightful on the whole. Not that we were ever a family of much fireworks, but if there were any it would be Mom and me.

update on sisters and family )

Mom couldn't resist trying on the dress she'd made me. It fit her perfectly, but she had the generosity of spirit to point out that it suited me better; losing all that weight left her with an extra bump of skin around her midsection that doesn't look good in fitted bodices like that.
It, of course, looks fabulous on me.

I am left with a lot of projects that I could do, with some effort, now that I've been pointed the right direction. I probably won't, but I could. And that makes me feel better, and not so trapped.

I am still mad at the people at work, and am realizing more and more how much I really wanted to be fired after all. I've been there so long now. I'm so tired of them. I wish I could just take the summer off. I have so much to do.
But of course, so much of the "so much to do" is stuff that requires.... Money. So. I have to keep working.

But it made me think about how much time passes while you're just scrambling to keep up with your day to day life. Most of our lives are spent getting ready for work, going to work, at work (where there's no time to think about anything but work), or recovering from work, and it's an endless cycle, and you look up and you're two years older and have a bit more stuff but haven't really made any progress at actually living your life...
Unrelated: Z got this music at work and it's utterly odd. Sort of unexceptional bluegrass except that it's done by a one-man band. Somethin', man. Somethin'.

So. The latest chapter in The Drama At Work is that now all of the 2:00-8:30 servers' shifts have been changed to be 2:00-10:00, "due to the increased travelers for the summer season".
Two things about this are hysterical.
1) The Big Bar is open until JetBlue's 10:10 flight boards. JetBlue's discontinuing its 10:10 flight. The bar's going to start closing at I think 8:45. Which makes the entire issue completely pointless.
2) Um, we all have bid schedules that were done through a complicated selection process. You can't change a bid schedule without the worker's permission.

So, the union steward, before I'd even noticed the change, approached me and said that she'd call up the union tomorrow.
I mentioned to her that I'd sort of hoped to be fired, and was willing to fight all of this as bitterly as could be, because really, I don't give a shit. I confessed that I'm tired of the job but it's too good a job to quit, and being fired would give me an excuse to get on with my life. She agreed, and laughed, and said she wished she could live the same way.
(She also pointed out that it's likely the only reason I wasn't written up is that I wasn't afraid to be written up. Apparently they can make us stay up to eight hours even if we're not scheduled that long, so I was actually in the wrong on Friday; I had suspected as much, but Manager was being such a fuck that pretty much nothing could have forced me to stay. But you know, there's no thrill in writing up someone who isn't afraid and doesn't mind. I wasn't even really defiant: I simply said that I would grieve this so hard, and that I refused to go back out onto the floor. Of course, had he been polite in the first place... Let's not speculate. It's pointless.)

So. *rubs hands together in glee* Let's see what happens, eh?

And in completely other news, I want to turn this house's unfinished second story into a library and office. Wouldn't that be beyond rad? It would be.



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