May. 29th, 2006


May. 29th, 2006 06:31 am
Got in to work yesterday and there was no write-up, no nothing. No mention of it at all. One of the other servers who worked yesterday and who sometimes works the 2-8:30 shift said that the schedule manager had said she was going to change the schedule so all of the 2-8:30 shifts were 2-10:30. I laughed at that, and said that if they're changing bid schedules, they've got to re-bid them.
The other girl laughed as well, and said, "If they re-bid, my ass is part-time."
"Me too," I said. "Actually, my ass is part-time and refusing to pick up more shifts than I bid on."
Which would screw them, as they can't find anyone to hire.

In other news, my folks are here. :) Off to go make coffee. Just before I woke up I was dreaming that I was trying to make the coffee and utterly failing. Kind of a ridiculous thing to dream...


May. 29th, 2006 04:08 pm
I have a brick walkway in my front yard now.

Other items of note:
I now have a dress cut out and pinned together. It's blue polyester-silk in a gradient of colors, and will have a halter neck and wide knee-length skirt.

We have also been grocery shopping and have gotten out the sewing machine, replaced its belt, replaced its power cord (which had cracked with age), and prepared up a whole dinner. must go!



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