May. 27th, 2006

And none too soon.

I have had an angry work rant brewing all night, indeed keeping me at times from sleep. I believe I will make it brief, however, if I can manage.
angry work rant )

I hope they fucking fire me, like the dumbasses they are. I can live for approximately two years on my savings, if I don't decide I need, you know, savings. So I could be a lot more worried. I don't really like that job on the balance, but the money is so good that I would never leave on my own.
There's a possibility that I'm in the wrong; I've had it repeatedly pointed out to me that they can't make me stay beyond 8 hours, but today happened to be a 6-hour shift. Maybe they can force me to stay beyond the end of my shift. I will make the somewhat chickenshit observation that had I known that, I probably would have caved. But I'm not sorry; I would be yet more furious if I had caved, only to afterward find out that they were in fact totally outside of their rights. Because you know they'd never compensate me in any way for the abuse.

So today I was going to drive to Rochester to pick up a couch, but Z's uncle needed the truck, so, that's out. Instead I don't know what we'll do, but I do have to clean the house. I just had to get that angry work rant off my chest.

Anyhow. I got home last night, on schedule, and Z had dinner waiting. He'd bought the stuff the previous night as a surprise, but then I'd stayed late at work. Last night it was the knowledge that he'd have a nice dinner waiting at home that got me through the damn day. I came home and dressed up nice and we sat on the back porch and had red wine and salami-zucchini-fettucine by candlelight, and I said to myself that I would not have missed this for all the manager blustering in the world, and they can so fire me.



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