May. 11th, 2006

So the Health inspector came yesterday, but i was running errands. Fortunately Mrs. Bob stepped in and gave him a tour of the yard, pointing out the mythical piles of debris (which included a neat stack of bricks for a walkway we're going to build in the front yard-- obviously, bricks are a health hazard), and pointed out the compost heap, which is, now, larger and more prominent.
He left me a note, so I called him. He called back this morning. He went on a bit about how much my neighbor hates my yard, and finally I asked, "is the compost heap ok?"
"It's up to code," he said. He mentioned that the neighbor keeps calling them, but he himself has no problems with anything in my yard, and considers himself done with the issue.

Which makes me giggle quite a lot. I am in a hurry, though. We're leaving for the Finger Lakes in, like, an hour, and, like, I still don't know where we're staying. My sister offered us a bed in Cortland, where she lives, and her boyfriend-that-we-don't-really-like is not around, and the way she said "not around" makes me think that she may be in need of some sisterly binge-drinking. But I don't know.

Holy heck, the Finger Lakes has a ton of B&Bs and can you believe the prices? Why have I never come here before?

Oh right, because it's the asscrack of nowhere. Every time I go down into Central NY I'm like, "this is purdy but God get me back to civilization", and this from a girl who grew up barefoot on a dead-end dirt road. But still!

We're kind of coming up with on-the-fly trip itineraries. There's a meadery in Penn Yan we want to see, and Bully Hill in Hammondsport is NOT to be missed, but other than that, we're kind of overwhelmed...



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