May. 3rd, 2006

A short joyride to Anderson's for ice cream last night turned into a long, long adventure. We had our sundaes and contemplated the lovely evening, and Z said, "let's scoot farther." I agreed, and we went zipping along merrily. But after a while the bike was handling poorly, wobbly. We got off and looked at the front wheel, which was the wobbling part, and it seemed fine. Puzzled, we continued a little ways. "No," Z said, "it's definitely handling wrong."
I got off again, and immediately noticed: "The rear tire's flat."
"Oh."I was going to write this up all humorously and cleverly but I'm tired. )

This morning I woke and said (not first thing, but close) to Z: "What was the final score on the Sabres game?"
He shrugged. "Try," he said. I typed it in, and the splash screen came up: "Tickets to round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs go on sale Wednesday 9 am!"
We laughed. "Well," I said, "they won." 7-1, as it turns out: we didn't miss anything really.

I had a lovely day yesterday, but my clever plan to get the tomatoes in the ground just after dinner obviously didn't happen. It was full dark by the time I got home, and I didn't have the energy to take the clothes down from the line.
But I did get some herbs transplanted, so we should be well on our way to having excellent garnishes henceforth. The thyme, lemon thyme, tarragon, and chives are all at full power already, being perennials. Perennials are odd and magical things, i must admit.



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