May. 2nd, 2006


May. 2nd, 2006 07:35 am
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And then the phone rang, awakening me. One of the morning bartenders has called off and they need someone to come in. It's the woman from Landmark; she was complaining yesterday of back pain, and had an appointment with the chiropractor. I was talking to her yesterday, and told her that I was sorry I was already working five days this week or I'd agree to work for her the next day. I declined to come in today, even though it's the money bar-- it's a Tuesday, which is pretty much never money. I did say, on the phone, "Oh, G's back was bothering her, I hope she's OK"-- but no. I am tired today and I will be doing gardening today and also writing, because I got some done on the bus and maybe I can make a last push and finish this novel after all.
When I was a kid taking Irish dance lessons there was this one dance we'd do called the Sweets of May. I don't remember how it went or I'd hum you a few bars. It was my favorite dance because it was a proper one, a group one-- eight dancers, four on a side. It was probably supposed to be four boys and four girls, but it wasn't really a pairs dance so that didn't matter. It was a circle dance, mostly: two lines of four advancing and retreating, a few solo bits perhaps, some exchanges across a circle and then a really fun circular interlace manoever that was so much easier than it looked. I don't remember what tempo it was in-- it had its own piece of recorded music, so I never learned to associate it with any of the others. (This was a long time ago, and so the dance teacher just had one well-worn awful plunking tape of bass-and-accordion "traditional Irish" music which is the kind that makes people not ever listen to the genre again. She had one reel, one jig, one hornpipe, one slipjig, and then a separate tape for the Sweets of May.)

A long digression, but here I am lying out in my yard with a straw hat on, a tank top, and short-shorts, and I am getting very slightly sunburnt (carefully). My laptop monitor is irrelevant: the sun lights it up as long as I face this way. So I am very pleased with myself, and enjoying the day. For once.
Also the wireless Internet reaches this far, and this is my one Get A Laptop reason point that simply cannot be denied: surfing the Internet from the hammock is an experience nobody should be denied. Not that I won't set my desktop up on the porch in a bit, but still.

I have been gardening this morning. Mostly tidying up and watering (this early? It may well be a ridiculously dry summer. Which suits me well, as the yard still has drainage problems.), and also planning. I am going to plant the tomatoes tonight, I think. The peppers should probably wait. I may plant a few of them. I also may only plant a few of the tomatoes-- I am undecided. But transplants should be done as the sun is setting, so they have the night to settle in before the next day's harsh sun. I'm committing to planting half of my tomatoes. I have seven.

I am trying not to rub Z's nose in the fact that I'm having a lovely day, but then, that's only because he didn't rub my nose in the two lovely days he had this weekend.



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