Apr. 30th, 2006

deep thot

Apr. 30th, 2006 12:10 am
I had a deep thought but I forgot it.

Today Z used the car. He wanted to run errands. He sounded very grim and annoyed about having to run errands, as if he resented me for not having run errands on my days off, perhaps-- not that he said so, but I assumed so, given that I surely would be annoyed were our roles reversed-- but on none of my days off yesterday did I have the car, and the only errands I was aware of were two I was planning on doing yesterday on my bike, but I just didn't feel well and so I did all the dishes and cleaned the house instead, so I was feeling rather annoyed when Z was grumpy about wanting the car.
But he picked me up after work and we zipped at high speeds over to Niawanda Park to go to Old Man River's, because it is Spring and they're now open for the season.
And it was lovely, and far too cold but we sat outside and shivered and ate anyway, and then we went down to the neighboring Mississippi Mudd's for ice cream, and we walked down by the water as the last colors of sunset faded from the sky, and it was lovely.

And then we came home and I noticed that Z had bought $100 worth of bricks, 144 bricks in total, and had piled them in a neat, perfect cube on the front walk, and he is now plotting how to put a question mark on the side and a red flower on the top, thereby ensuring that we will have the sort of lawn art that only twentysomethings will understand.

Also we are planning on building a path and 100 bricks are probably a good start.



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