Apr. 26th, 2006


Apr. 26th, 2006 12:51 pm
getting writing done. Maybe the one full-time schedule wouldn't be so bad? I could get things done in the mornings, like today. It wouldn't be so bad. Would it?

I dunno. Git th' laptop fixed an we'll see.

It is freezing today. Not cold enough to turn the heat on, technically-- I mean, it's sunny and 50 outside!
Unfortunately it's not sunny and 50 inside. It is hard to get any typing done when you can see your breath. But there's no point turning the heat on if I'm leaving the house soon. Actually I've been getting work done anyway, and the cold has prevented me from killing time with household chores. But. It's actually seriously fifty degrees in here, which is something less than what I can happily put up with. Oh well-- my own fault!

I want the novel to be done. Which is a good way to feel. I have tomorrow and the day after off, and will be productive then, one hopes.

My next novel will be unambitious. I might write a contemporary. About a princess waitress. Who travels in alternate dimensions fights crime, um, meets a nice boy?



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