Apr. 15th, 2006

Easter in Buffalo

I had a gallery online of photos I'd taken at Broadway Market a couple years ago, but this is even better. This is Eddy Dobosiewicz taking you on a personal little tour of what I've been talking about-- Buffalo's more-than-a-century-old public market.

Don't let him fool you. There's a bit where the sausage vendor is speaking to Eddy in Polish, and Eddy nods and smiles-- but he speaks fluent Polish. Don't let him fool you. (He's one of the ad sales reps where Z works. He's extremely amusing. He's also a minor personality on Channel Seven news.)

This morning we dyed eggs Latvian-style. I have photos which I will post when I am not quite so very lazy.

In other news, but possibly illuminatingly, I have just finished a very long Day Two of six consecutive days of work for which I will not be paid overtime because they are divided in half by a weekend and that Doesn't Count. So like, whatever. I am tired already. This working part-time thing is so not happening.



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