Mar. 30th, 2006

Apropos of nothing, I really want this. I shop at that website a lot, I admit, but it's an atrociously-designed site. Like, that product listing: contact us how? And if you use the 'site search' to try to find products, it returns every single product, because they've made a somewhat poor attempt to keyword-optimize their entire site for every keyword (for good search engine results). So it's impossible to find anything.

And yet, I keep giving them money anyway.

Which is not what I was going to write about. I'm going to write about this:

Anything you say publicly on the Internet is, well, public. There's a very sheltered feeling to a lot of blogs, because a great deal of privacy is imparted by the fact that the Internet is a very big place and if you, say, write a review of the CD you're listening to, the odds are extremely slim that, say, a member of the band is going to come by and read it and write back. So it's not that you write something you wouldn't necessarily say to the face of one of the artists, it's just that you sort of, well, write it for an audience other than the artist himself, perhaps. And so you phrase things in ways you might not were you intending for the artist to read it.
Not that I regret anything I said, certainly: I said what I meant, and made clear at the time that my state of mind was obviously affecting my opinion. And also the fact that I had obviously picked the wrong CD as a starting point to listen to them. I stand firmly by my judgement that the recording of "The Long Black Veil" on Brilliant, Sad, and Guilty is the worst cover ever of that song. But. (I am not saying, by the way, that I could do better; but then, I am also not selling recordings of myself trying. Although, that might be amusing. Should I? I'll do a voice post later if I get drunk. Get Z to do Richie-Sambora-style backing vocals. It'd be awesome.)

I will certainly be giving Jackdaw another shot, and I will come see them live at the swannie house, because I understand that a bunch of live recordings of a band which is at its best live do not come anything like close to conveying that band's actual live performaces. And it is my sort of music, it just needs a better introduction than a burned copy of a b-sides retrospective sent to a newspaper for a review.

Buffalo is a small town, really. Approximately the size of a goddamned postage stamp.

Also the bagpiper apparently rides a Lambretta scooter, which is beyond coolness itself. Speaking of scooters, on to one more point I should make in this post:
Percy's opening up his shop tonight, so henceforth anyone in the western new york area looking for any scooters or associated memorabilia can come to Buffalo 66 on E. Oakwood Pl. (just off main st. south of UB and north of downtown).

and one last tangent:
I discovered recently, after three years of cohabitation, that Z pronounces URL "earl". This has devastated me. Who does that? Who pronounces hideous acronyms like that phonetically? This is not the man I... well, ok... whatever. Right. But still. I had never heard him say that out loud before. Isn't that awful?

ow ow ow

Mar. 30th, 2006 03:21 pm
Back hurts. Have finished preparing bed for raspberries, however. Nice big raised mounds, and I used the sod I cut to make sort of walls for the mounds, so they'd stay high even when I water them, rather than melting. I am so tired, however, that I don't want to go and actually plant the damn things now. But, the beds are ready.

Have also done 3 loads of laundry, sun-drying it all, and 2 dishwasher-loads of dishes, and numerous pots and pans by hand, and also wrote 300 words, which isn't very much, but is more than I've written in the last, ehm, week.

Suffice to say, I am a God-damned miracle unto myself, and if Z is not appreciative come raspberry season, I am trading him in.

Ye gods, I'm bushed.

I still have to plant beets and radishes, however.
So we went to Percy's store's grand opening. Scooter store. Guy Z bought his Stella from. Nice fella. Scooter scene's fun, we've hung out before, so there were sure to be people we know.

We're driving by, to go and park, and Z hits me in the arm. "It's him!"
"It's that guy!"
"What guy?"
We're walking towards the place now so Z can't just blurt out who, so I'm hissing at him, trying to get him to explain himself, and he's gesticulating in emphatic silence, and I round the corner, and it's...

David Moore from Jackdaw.
The bagpiper.
at percy's scooter shop
He's the roommate of Percy's girlfriend Holly.
He designed the logo for the store's sign.
He bought his Lambretta from Percy.Read more... )



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