Mar. 29th, 2006

It is very springy today. Z scooted to work, leaving me the car, which means I have the morning free since I don't have to catch the bus.
So I went for a jog, because I am feeling chubby. Then I worked more in the garden, breaking sod for the raspberry bed and trying to be more cleverly strategic about the heavy digging. (I don't have to improve all the soil-- surely I can just work on the holes where each plant will be?) We went out last night to buy topsoil, but our favorite garden center was closed-- woe!-- so we ended up going out for hot dogs and ice cream instead. Then I felt chubby so we went for a walk, but walks are the best time to have conversations.
This morning my jog followed the route of the walk (it was a good route, with no doubling back) and I pondered again what we had discussed. I wish I'd got as many concrete, doable ideas as Z. And someone who would pay me to do them. I just don't know what to do with myself, really. How do people discover their careers? I've got lots of skills but no way to apply them. Eh well. Finish that novel.

I have just finished washing the car, and I'm thinking I should clean the house so I'll be free to write tomorrow. Except of course I'll just do a lot of gardening tomorrow instead, I know. Hm. Maybe I should just write now, so I can rest until work, so I won't be too tired to finish my shift. ... Anything to get out of cleaning the house.

Tomorrow will be laundry day, anyhow.

Mom invited me over for Easter. I laughed, and laughed, sadly: Like I could get Easter off. Or any of the days surrounding it. No. Definitely not.
She and Dad might come visit here Memorial Day Weekend, however. Do you think I could get that weekend off? Maybe. Maybe not. Ugh.

Now I am ravenous and it is too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. This is just bloody typical.


Mar. 29th, 2006 11:10 pm
Z fixed the feed for his elmwoodstrip blog so that i can view it on my friendspage. ([ profile] z0bar, if you're curious.)
So I just got every entry he's ever made on that blog splashed across my friendspage. Yow.
He's a funny boy.



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