Mar. 28th, 2006


Mar. 28th, 2006 12:56 pm
Sigh. Burpee sent me a notice that they'd shipped the live plants I'd ordered. I had forgotten, but oh yes-- I ordered some yellow raspberries, because Z was so excited at the very thought of them.
But that means I have to prepare the bed. Bastages. Z and I have planned to rent a rototiller this spring, given all the Ambitious Plans we have, but this week isn't exactly a good time for it. So, nothing for it but to break the ground by hand, cut the sod, till the soil, and dump in some topsoil. That area has never had a garden, so it is thoroughly uncooperative. I did about half of it this morning and have been digging around: eight inches down, the soil becomes hard-packed red clay, utterly intractable and completely unsuited for gardening. I am going to have to break that up, dig it out, and improve at least the top eighteen inches. Raspberries need good drainage: I will have to build mounds for each plant, and if I can break up the packed clay underneath even more, so much the better.
So that's not going particularly well, and I am tired, but I should be able to finish the hard part at least today. Meanwhile, the UPS tracking info Burpee sent me has the package originating in Harrington DE, going to Saddle Brook NJ, then to Secaucus NJ. Predictably, it then goes to Syracuse, NY-- which is certainly between here and NJ. But then the package goes back to Secaucus NJ, where it arrived at 4:27 am. It insists it will arrive here today...
So I'm more confused than helped by the tracking info. I sort of don't know whether that whole thing is a good idea or not. This isn't the first time I've watched a package wander back and forth across the country, but it is the first time I've watched one with live plants in it do so, so I'm naturally a little baffled.

Ehhh. I don't want to get back to work. Sitting is so nice... Although I am feeling exceedingly fat at the moment, and should welcome the opportunity to move myself. My size 16 pants are almost not falling off, and the scale casually mentioned that I was nearly ten pounds heavier than when I last checked, but I'm resolved not to think about that.

The crocuses are all blooming. I've taken some photos. Also, i just saw my first ant in the kitchen. I am distressed. Spring is supposed to be unmitigatedly good for the first bit! Nooo! Don't make me clean!
The kitchen's a disgrace; Z has been in a state of "code fugue" on the weekends, and I've been trying so hard to work on the damn novel... We need a third roommate to live here. Someone who likes to clean. Who wants to live in Buffalo? We'll give you free rent if you clean our house.
Sleepy, and getting sleepier drinking Scotch. Spent the whole day gardening, and then the whole evening hanging out with Z. Planted some peas-- I say fuggit, it's spring. Will plant radishes and beets later this week. The raspberries did not arrive today. They have a "rescheduled delivery date" of tomorrow. Because they sat in Secaucus all day. These tracking websites: not all that helpful, really.
Neither Z nor I will be home tomorrow, so they'd better not require a signature. I shall be exceedingly irritated if I have to drive down to wherever the hell the UPS thing is to get them because they decided to ship them from Secaucus to Syracuse to Secaucus instead of delivering them to me.

But I digress.

Z got a bunch of music from one of the music review staff today, so I scored the Beastie Boys' greatest hits album. I don't know if this dates me or marks me as lame or what, but the Beastie Boys were the soundtrack to much of my college years. I never owned an album, but they were always playing at parties. Am I wicked old? I think I am, and also, I only realized today that I know most of "Intergalactic" due to George Flevares singing along. "I'll stir-fry you in my WOK!" There was also an amusing riff he'd do on "Brass Monkey" which I cannot remember, but the song makes me giggle nonetheless.
Ah. Love.

Have been reading the PDF books on drawing that [ profile] sirielle put up for download. SUCH awesomeness: thank you. I had been having a hankering for drawing lately. I used to be quite good at it-- in college, the professor of one of the art electives I took to fill a gap in my schedule asked me why I wasn't studying illustration. My answer, sadly enough, was "because they don't teach it here"-- the counterquestion being, "why are you here, then?" and the answer? "Because I didn't know where else to be." I wasn't ready to make decisions about what college I wanted to attend until well after I'd already graduated. Life moves at a pace entirely different from my brain.

Anyhow. I've been doodling for a little while, this evening, and am rather pleased with the results. Not that I've done anything, but I'll spare you all, as I don't have a scanner anyway.

I realized this morning that I hadn't written so much as a word on my novel in three days. I decided not to try, today: I waste too much time Trying To Write when I'm not feeling it. So I put that away and gardened instead, and am somewhat dismayed now by how much time that took up. But Z and I went for a walk, as well, which was nice. It's not a wasted day if I don't write: it's not. I am allowed to have a day off. I really need to start living by some sort of schedule. I waste too much time trying to work when I'm burned out, otherwise.

When Z and I take walks we talk, and he tells me about work. He is really doing amazing things at work, and I think he's destined for great things where he is. I am glad he took the job. I am glad they value him. I am glad he likes his coworkers. He's maturing, career-wise, and is likely to someday be heading a department. He's already doing really innovative work.

I sort of wish I had a career.

But I've just opened up the Word document of the latest bit of the draft of the novel, and I've gotten over the thing I've been stuck on for the better part of the last week, so maybe, maybe I'm getting somewhere. It's almost like having a career, right? Except that it's going to be months and months and months before I can even think about submitting anything to editors, and it will likely take me years to get published, and... Well, we're not thinking about it, at the moment.

The crocuses are beautiful.



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