Mar. 17th, 2006

I'm going to do a music post.

First I'm starting off with a follow-up to my post of yesterday wherein I dissed Jackdaw.

Comparison of Dropkick Murphys with Softball O'Reillys )

I've obsessed about that long enough. Jackdaw's playing downtown at the Crocodile Bar tonight, and I gave point three seconds' consideration to going and seeing them-- they can't suck live, Buffalo's more discerning (and spoilt for choice) than that-- but Crocodile Bar's one of those venues on Chippewa that is filled with... not my sort of people. See, I like to wear an entire shirt when I go out, so I wouldn't fit in there.

On to the rest of the post:

I have a big collection of Irish music. Nobody should have to listen to crappy Irish music on St. Patrick's Day. Here's my contribution, sorted by genre. Links are to mp3 files on my own server, which I shall leave up for some time, for unlimited downloads. There's no reason not to download them even if you think you might not like them. (I always feel guilty if I download somebody's YSI links and then don't like them.)

One genre I don't have much of is the Irish-American, post-Clancy-Brothers, beer-hall band type, which I know is much in demand around this time of the year. Usually it features a lot of accordions, an electric bass guitar, and a guy with a Midwestern accent attempting to "put on a bit o' a brogue". I'm sorry, I was forced to take Irish dancing lessons to that crap and I can't deal with it. I am sorry. You'll find it almost everywhere else. I am sure it has merit, I've just had plenty of it.

If you ignore the rest of this, at least right-click and download Si Bheag Si Mhor by Planxty and The Parting Glass by the Clancy Brothers.

The rest of this entry has been reduplicated on my website here: St. Patrick's Day Music Posting Bonanza in case you want to share it with anyone else, since it took me so God-Damned long to finish it. (It's ok, my novel's climax is percolating in my head meanwhile. I tell myself.)

right-click song names to save to disk. )
14,230 + 67,683 + 40,407 = 122,320

That's not so awful a length for a novel.

Now if only that included the... well, the end...

I'm taking a break to go out for a fish fry. Sure, the bishop said we could have a dispensation so we could eat meat for St. Patrick's Day, but I'm ignoring that. We're on a mission to find the best fish fry in Buffalo and it's just not going to get derailed by something like this.

Tomorrow we're invited to go eat corned beef at Z's mom's house. Only she doesn't want to wait until the ungodly hour when my shift is over. For which I can't blame her. For the last six weeks, I'd been leaving at 6 on Fridays, but last week my manager decided it was essential that I stay later. Humorously enough, everyone else leaves early. So I've learned: Never ever ever ask her.

But that doesn't mean I can count on getting out at a sociable hour.



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