Mar. 8th, 2006


Mar. 8th, 2006 12:29 am
Lots of puttering and research today. Not so much getting things done around the house, which is too bad.

Work called me not once but twice to ask if I'd come in. I can only surmise that either a) two people called in, or b) it was extremely busy and they were desperate.
It being a Tuesday, I strongly, strongly doubt that B was the case.

I refused both times: Z had the car today, and I couldn't have gotten there.

I spent most of the day on the Internet, which was nice, given how much time i've spent of late working on the laptop in remote Internetless locations.
I decided that I needed to do a little research on primitive tattooing techniques, and of course that led to me spending about four hours drooling with a glazed-over stare as Wikipedia ate my brain. Naturally. (Google helped too.)
I did also find this blog: and i wasted all that birth control.... I've only read about two entries but I am engrossed anyway. I mean... a fat girl struggling with infertility who talks about her former drug problems and about how she understands and forgives a pro-lifer who stalked and abused her for having lost a pregnancy to pre-eclampsia. I mean shit, man.
Also she has a copy of the tattoo they found on the Ice Maiden of Pazyryk, which is, well, the reason I was there.

Yes. My barbarians, once pseudo-Celts, then pseudo-Balts, are morphing into pseudo-Scythians. Why ever the hell not?
Amusingly, the Scythians used cannabis sativa in some of their rituals. Which means that I have an interracial romance and also OMG DRUGS in this thing now. I'm psyched, aren't you?

In other news, I finally managed to join (under the same username as here) and it took me about an hour to figure out that to post a link there, you just type in the URL of the link and it makes it into a neat and tidy little link there. Nice.
Other other news: Baked Chee-Tos. Wrong? I can't tell. They taste good for the first, like, twenty or so. But they're not Chee-Tos. Why am I trying them? I don't know.
Other other other news: Don't wanna go to work tomorrow. MEH.

I really think I'll stop now, as that can only deteriorate. Eep, it's way past my bedtime. I did have a nap this morning though so I suppose this is penance for it.
I got out of bed because I wanted to write this one down, but of course once I was up I had half a dozen chores I wanted to take care of first. So we'll see if I remember this one.
sort of. )

That's it for now unless I want to whine about how I don't want to go to work, which is pointless, so... off to finish doing laundry.



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