Mar. 7th, 2006


Mar. 7th, 2006 08:14 am
I started to update about how I'm working 5 days this week but then I ended up writing about other stuff. Eh well.
I have been getting lots done on the bus, though, so I'm pleased about that. It just means that I spend an awful lot of my day sitting on uncomfortable chairs by the baggage claim where there's a power outlet and nobody I know will see me.

I'm about to tally up my wordcount from yesterday. The difficult-to-write scene I'd been adding to 20-30 words at a time for three days turned out to be really easy to write in the end.
*goes to count*
61796-58571=3,225 words. Eh, that's not bad. Still haven't finished the bridge, though. More is coming of that than I'd expected. The characters are teaching me new things about themselves, which is nice, but God I wish they'd just get on with the story. This will have to be heavily trimmed.

In entirely other news most of the pepper plants and some of the foxgloves have sprouted, although I've got a sum total of I think two viola plants and maybe three strawberry plants out of the dozens I planted in January. Bah.
I have to check my calendar, because I think it's time soon to start the tomatoes. I wish I knew what I'd done differently between the violas and the peppers...



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