Mar. 6th, 2006

titty ninja

Mar. 6th, 2006 08:48 am
Z just proclaimed himself to be a titty ninja, and the phrase struck me as humorous. (The situation was not nearly as dire as it sounds.)

Work yesterday was busy and I ran around like a mad thing and made $200, so that was fun.

I tried to sign up for, which is where Z has his blog, but somehow the login info failed to work, and I emailed the admin but no dice-- still can't get in. I guess they don't want my kind there. I was just trying to become more involved in Buffalo! Oh the pain.
I think it's hysterical that the site maintainer consistently posts like semi-nude photos of himself posing as a sex god. He's trying to bulk up, see. He's made it up almost to 150 now through a lot of hard work and he's very proud of himself, because 150 was his goal, but then the guy at the gym said he really ought to be more around 180, so he's sort of glum but determined about that.

Z and I have been joking for years about opening up a geek bar, and I had an idea today for a funny sort-of uniform shirt they could wear there. Like, a tshirt, with a picture of an Xserve or some other recognizable flashy server on it, only, slanted, like possibly with an arrow indicating direction. And if people were like, "what?" you could say, "it says tip your server." Ha!

I finally get what people are talking about with Google chat-- the reason I'd no idea what that was all about is.... did you guess? Doesn't work in Safari. Opened Gmail in Firefox and said, "Holy shit! What's all this stuff??!!"
I'm actually a little intimidated by all of it. Kind of hovering on the edge of just running back to Safari. Too much functionality! Too little sparkly!!

I don' wanna go work today. Bah. But. Gonna take the bus and bring the laptop and with any luck I'll be so bored I'll be forced to write the ever-elusive bridge scene (i mean its function, not its content) that will connect the first, 57,000-word half of the manuscript with the second, 44,000-word half. That will bring the whole thing up to the point where I began it-- because this draft begins with the scene I posted earlier, where he's saying goodbye to his wife, etc., on his way to go die, which means the rest of the novel up to that point is a flashback. So then I get to figure out how to bring it back from the flashback, and then I write the end.
Like, sure, I can just write the end. I mean sure, no biggie. Right.
But I digress. Cross that bridge when I come to it. Still and all, it'd be awesome to be able to take the two documents I'm working from and just stick 'em together, and voila! A novel! Almost.
Ugh, everything I write is at its best a "novel! Almost." but I will soon change that. Soon.

I'm not going to post a date though because I don't know. But soon. And then I'll be going back to the posts I made when I was overambitious, and responding to all the comments, and poking all the people who said they'd read, and asking them if they're still interested now that it's... however long it ends up. But. I'm not doing that yet.

more dreams

Mar. 6th, 2006 09:18 am
I had two dreams last night and neither was very interesting, but I remember them sort of, so I'll write them down.

I also had a really grouchy observation: another way you can tell if a customer is Canadian is that he thinks he's funny. Think about it and let me know if you've witnessed this phenomenon, and I will respond with specific examples. Like maybe case studies.

one was, boringly, about work )

Did any of those make sense? Not really. Eh well. Time to putter and get ready for work.



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