Mar. 5th, 2006


Mar. 5th, 2006 09:11 am
I should get tags on my entries. Occasionally I think, "I think I've blogged this before" and then I can't remember when, and, I just, guh. Oh well. In my next life when I have some time.

I managed about 150 words yesterday, sum total.

Safari, my internet browser, has been behaving poorly lately. Lots of Spinny Rainbow Wheels of Doom, which is highly irritating. On the laptop, a javascript issue on a very fancy site took down not only the browser, but hung the operating system for a good five minutes as well, and it only came back when the javascript caught up. I would have had to force-restart the computer if the site hadn't actually been well-scripted (if a bit sort of overambitious).
I have resisted switching to Firefox ever since, well, ever since I got a Mac, because I want to like Safari, but you know, I use tabs so extensively as reminders to myself of what to revisit, that when I have to force-quit the browser, I often lose comment threads entirely. If you've left me a comment and wondered why I never responded, it's probably because I had a comment half-composed in an open tab when I had to force-quit Safari and I couldn't remember where I'd left it. I am falling farther and farther behind on correspondence and that's not helping.
So, one of these days, I'll be switching browsers.
Also, used to be if you held down the "back" button it'd show you a history of where you'd navigated in that window? Now it only gives you the option to rearrange the browsing interface. The number of times I have accidentally deleted the back button entirely while attempting to go back to that one about three pages ago where was it--- Jesus, have I had some infuriated rants over that. Z has been assholishly unsympathetic but I suppose it's unfair to deck him because my browser sucks now. \

Busy yesterday, very busy, but not so Canadian as in past Saturdays, so-- lots of Rochesterians, who are at least American... which equals money in pocket, which means I don't feel so bad about being really sore today. However, long day ahead today, which I am trying not to dread.

Apparently instead of re-bidding shifts, as they swore they were going to, they are hiring additional bartenders. This is pretty patently intended to screw me over, as I said right to them that I was only switching to part-time temporarily, but the thing is, I'm in the union and the new people aren't. If someone junior to me gets a plummy shift I want, and I decide I want to switch back to part-time, I can simply say, "I will be working N's ___day shift henceforth" and voila! It's mine.
Not that I want to, but... they can't actually screw me the way they seem to think they can.
However. This gives me an excuse not to go back to full-time, which is extremely welcome. I think I need another month to finish this novel. I don't want to go back to full-time yet. I'm not ready. And as long as they don't rebid the shifts properly, they can't deny me health insurance either, because now I'm working 4 days and I'm up above the minimum-hours-worked qualifier. HA HA HA.
I digress, I know, but that's sort of the whole post.

I'd write about what we did last night but I think Z already did.
OK, he didn't really-- after what he mentions, I came home, and Chris and he and I went out for ice cream, which was lovely.

Z's blog, which I haven't yet linked to, is here: and now he's got enough content in it to warrant a link. I'm stingy with links sometimes. :) Faugh, Safari, don't be a dick. Looks like it doesn't work with Microsoft Live Local either. Thanks. Right, time for Firefox.



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