Mar. 1st, 2006

This is the second consecutive Wednesday I've been somewhat hung-over, which astonishes me, that being very unlike me.

I have to work today and am not looking forward to it really. I'm going to take the bus in hopes of another constructive day like Monday...

Am writing this as I wait for my photos from last night to upload.
Right: Flickr has them.
Most notably:
I do the beer-in-cleavage trick (that, sadly, is the only photo of my costume. Oh well.)
Z makes an ass of himself adorably.

There's a photo of the bartender at the Century, too: we call him Doppelcracker because he looks oddly like (and yet unlike, I insist) one [ profile] crakor, who used to be Z's neighbor and a friend of mine. We keep forgetting what his name is. I think it's Adam.

Well, anyhow: happy March. I think I'm sufficiently recovered from the four (I'm serious) drinks I had last night (when did I become such a lightweight?) that I can survive an hour on the bus and two hours in the airport before my shift begins. Blah: I hope I get some good writing done in your absence, Internet. Because if I don't it will all be hopelessly pathetic.
4,160 words today. That includes the bus ride, two hours sitting by a power outlet in the sunshiney bit of the departures terminal waiting for work to start, and also the bus ride home. Not too shabby. Shit's getting somewhere. I also, during a break at work, drew a little map and rethought the immediate setting for much of the story's current bit's action, and am rather proud of that.
In about a half-day's more writing I will be finished with the whole section I did for NaNoWriMo, and can move into the writing I've done since-- which is more recent and higher-quality, and also has fewer gaps.

I also broke 50k in the sequential draft today.

Well. This motherfucker's going to weigh in at over 100k, most definitely. Annoying as that is, it's also hopeful, because I will have told the whole story. From there, I'll probably start cutting.

Still wish I were done, though. But I'm sure when I'm done I'll miss it.

I have days where I don't like it, but this isn't one of them, which is nice.
Now I am going to fall down dead asleep.




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