Feb. 28th, 2006

Yesterday I took the bus to and from work and, by virtue of bringing the laptop, I managed to get 2,053 words written. So. That was rather a success, and I wish I could take the bus more often. But it just doesn't run at the times I need it to... Namely, all weekend.

So the writing is going well, but God-Damned slowly. I need to get into one of those days like during NaNoWriMo where I was doing over 10k a day. Unfortunately I'm trying for a higher standard of production--- but that's not to say I'm getting it---- and so things are going slower. But mostly I just don't have a whole day anymore to immerse myself, and you know, that's pretty stupid, given how few hours I'm working. (Oh wait, I'm up over 30 again. Hm.)

Laptop's monitor is on the fritz, which is irritating, but at least it's not fritzing as badly as the desktop one. I do have to wonder, however, what it is about me that frightens the fluorescent tubes in monitors so badly.

Today being Mardi Gras, I'm planning on dressing up like a total fool and coming on downtown toward the end of Z's work day to help him. He's going to be the parade-in-progress sign at the corner of Allen and Elmwood (by Jim's Steakout), and then he's going to go staff the Essex St. Pub collecting money for the admission-to-clubs armbands, the proceeds of which go to charity. I am confused as to how that's supposed to work, because the armbands aren't technically mandatory, but you get them when you pay us the cover charge, and what about all those places down on Chippewa that have cover charges anyway? Are they not charging them today?
They must not be, and that's a damn fine deal, and I may well be using this as an opportunity to get into all those places I never go because it always seemed dumb to me to have to pay $5 to go in and decide if you wanted to be somewhere. But, knowing me, I'll probably get sleepy and come home at 11 tonight.

Remind me to post pictures of my costume, though.

And oh-- Z has a blog now. I'll post a link to it later perhaps, once he's got some content. (Pressure!) But it, irritatingly, is yet another of the type you can't comment on unless you have an account with that site. I may be posting here to serve as comment threads for his entries... I'm just sayin'.


Feb. 28th, 2006 10:35 am
Wow it just took me like three tries to type a href= and then I realized I'd forgotten the brackets. i am having one of those mornings.

Mardi Gras Day by Dr. John. I just thought I should share that. Z and I listened to that this morning and argued over whether the horn section was actually drunk or just faking it. You decide!

(MP3 format: YouSendIt download will expire in 7 days or some downloads.)

na ha!

Feb. 28th, 2006 02:58 pm
1500 words today means I get to eat my Cadbury Creme Egg. Yay!
I'm at 48,000 in this draft now, the sequential draft. I'm flagging things to rewrite but there isn't allllll that much. Na ha ha!

Only another 5-10k until I get to the latter half of the novel, which I've really already written the bulk of.

One hour until I have to get into my costume for Mardi Gras.



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