Feb. 15th, 2006

None of the seeds I started before leaving for Georgia have come up yet, and I am growing impatient and also despairing. What if I'm incompetent?! Wail!
I also took some cuttings of a houseplant and had left them in water to root so that I could plant them in dirt when I came back, and none of them have grown any roots at all. So that is also discouraging. I am determined to retain belief that I have a green thumb, however.

I'm sort of making up for the Pirates of the Caribbean cereal of yesterday by eating some godawful tasteless sharp pile of little oat rocks this morning, with notably less success than yesterday's breakfast. I bought it because it didn't have any corn syrup in it, because my mother pointed out (and rightfully) that an awful lot of the "healthy" cereals you buy are mostly made of corn syrup which has absolutely no nutritional value beyond making you hella fat. However, this Oat Crunch shit is rather loathesome. Not helped by my deciding to dump yogurt on it rather than milk: initially the yogurt left it too crunchy, but now it's soaked in and is a slightly horrifying paste.
Eh well. I suffer for my beauty. (edited to add: I finished it, too. Look! Clean plate. Horror!)

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Photos are just a more concrete reinforcement of how one Really Looks than looking in the mirror.

I did a lot of work yesterday but still don't feel I got anything done. I didn't finish my bit of Valentine's Day porn, of course-- that was rather over-ambitious of me anyway. It may just be relegated to being generically Springish porn, at some point. Sometime perhaps soonish there will be something porny. Great.
I did do the laundry and do a bit of setup work for the garden, and do all the dishes in the kitchen-- but of course there are more dishes, and more laundry. Bah.
Just a quick note to say that I have just spent about an hour cleaning excess files off of my desktop computer. When I went to Empty the Trash, it spent a good three minutes just "preparing", and now it says "Emptying", and there's a status bar, and it says, "Items to delete: 72,079".
This might take a while.

On the other hand, perhaps it will stop whining at me about not having enough space on the startup disk.

To my credit, that's not all packrat mung, although I did just delete over a GB of music I never listen to. I also deleted old versions of programs I've since updated. But still.\

I'm rather impressed at myself, actually. I've been promising to clean out my iTunes library for three years now.

However. Should I run out of space again, what on earth will I delete?

oh my

Feb. 15th, 2006 09:56 pm
Am listening to the doublewide Fall of Gondolin CD that [livejournal.com profile] claudi007 sent me. It is truly a thing of awesomeness. I am grooving on it far more than I had expected, which is something. So thank you, [livejournal.com profile] claudi007!
Apparently Elrohir's guarantees are enough to keep CDs from breaking in the post. I will have to keep that in mind.

I was Good today, I think, but I am as usual left at the end of the day with a sort of befuddled sense of wondering where all those hours went. But... well, an hour for the rest of the laundry, an hour for cleaning off the hard drive, an hour for getting iLife '06 installed and working, two hours for planting a dozen pepper seeds and a half-dozen foxgloves, another hour for tidying and rearranging the living room yet again (now I have a bunch of plants in the windowsill, and an impromptu table made out of bits of an old entertainment center, two coffee tables, and a pair of phonebooks, upon which I am putting yet more pots to start seeds in)... I mean, it's not like it wasn't a busy day, and it's not like I wasted any time, per se, but GOD I am never going to finish this novel. Tomorrow is going to be writing and writing and writing because I think I have finally mentally digested the stumbling block I'd come up against, and it is time and past to finish this thing.

In the meantime, I am feeling ingenious because instead of running out to buy those little plastic seed-starting trays, I have made my own out of the plastic containers the grocery store sells olives and feta and parmesan cheese in. Poke holes in the bottom, and use the lids as trays for underneath, and they're just the right size to put four seeds into potting soil inside. They also fit precisely onto the windowsills of this house, which is an added bonus, as I'm sort of, well, will shortly be out of space under the grow light.

I have not yet had one single seed of any sort sprout, however, so I remain trepidatious: It is possible I am secretly utterly incompetent. My mother said to put plastic wrap loosely over the pots until the seeds sprout, so they don't dry out, but I remain somewhat worried.

Oh: edit to add. The friendslist bonus is that you get to read Z's latest biweekly-published humor column two hours before the rest of the Internet does. This one's a good one: I'm in it.

MELSOR the Barbatuan! (ostensibly a review of the Macintosh SE-30, but really an excuse to dork out and drink sherry.)
The print version ran with a different photo, which featured the SE-30 sitting on a desk with a bottle of sherry next to it, and a half-empty cordial glass of same. The screenshot on that one was a bit of art we did together that had an awful tiled background and read, in white bubble text, "I AM A SENSITIVE ARTIST."
It's a good photo, but I confess I do have a soft spot for the dialogue box that reads "Fuckadoo!", given that we had both entirely forgotten that we'd put that in there.



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