Jan. 27th, 2006

I spend so much of the free time I have dreading when it will be over, but honestly, now that I'm hardly ever there, I like my job a lot more. I've been pondering a change of careers but honestly, don't really want to go back to figuring out what the hell I'm good at. Bah.

My attempts yesterday at writing only really netted me about 3,000 words, and a lot less than I'd hoped for of the novel's actual climax. It did give me a good mental start on reorganizing the thing so that this draft is cohesive, but I don't know how much more work that'll be.

Yesterday I brined and roasted a chicken. brief summary of preparation technique: i shall repeat aspects of this recipe, I think )
It's a lot better than your run-of-the-mill chicken-with-roasted-vegetables.

After eating this chicken, which was indeed tasty, Z and I dashed off downtown to go ice skating. He has been making noises about how much he wants to go skating for, literally, years, so we finally did. It was $3 in total, because I had to rent skates, and the only downside was that the rink had a party of about twenty high school students on it, shrieking and clinging to one another and generally horsing around. It's a tiny rink, so that was a bit of a problem. But it's right on Main St. in downtown Buffalo, just across from the Gold Dome building, and it was gorgeous, if desolate. That bit of Buffalo is particularly hauntingly pork-barrelled, full of desolate splendor that absolutely no taxpayers actually enjoy. However, with a light dusting of snow on a clear night, illuminated further by the happy shrieks of a bunch of kids, it was nice.
Also, we could walk from the rink to our favorite bar, the Century Grill, and we had coffees with booze in them, and some of their exceeeeedingly excellent barbeque wings. Which made for a lovely night.
I wore blue lipstick and blue eyeliner and silver sparkly eyeshadow in honor of the cold weather-- unusually decorative, for me, but fun. I intrigued Z when I pointed out that the lipstick dated from my highschool lesbian days. Of course I wore blue lipstick then. The best part about that lipstick, besides the fact that it hasn't dried out or gone clumpy, is that it smells like violets.

I am feeling a bit desolate. I was making so much progress yesterday morning that I had convinced myself I'd finish all the major scene-writing for the Barbarians Novel before the end of the week, but today's my last day off and then I have my Three Days Of Uselessness, and I don't think it's getting written today. I want to be done but honestly I have no idea of the schedule. And things aren't really flowing today. I'm preoccupied with how to reorganize the draft, but I really should just buckle down and finish writing all the new material before getting involved in organizing it.
You'd think that by the age of twenty-six, after nearly fifteen years of intensive writing experience, I'd have some idea how to manage my own workflow.
But no.



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