Jan. 26th, 2006

The Story Of The Monkey In The Clock )

This story has a dual moral. 1) Z's family has a really, really weird sense of humor.
2) Am I procrastinating? Do I know how to finish this novel? The answer to one is yes, and the other, no. But Passage-of-Time Monkey ensures that I know just how long I've procrastinated this morning. It is his life's purpose to remind me. Perhaps we are adversaries: if we are not, we will surely grow to be.

In other news, last night I had Z entirely rewrite the Boy with the Coat story, so it's actually funny now-- I think.


Jan. 26th, 2006 09:48 am
I am dressed as a housewife today. I was feeling gross and bloated, so I'm wearing a girdle, a long fitted skirt, a clashing fitted t-shirt, and the apron my mother cross-stitched penguins onto for me. I have just begun making the brine for a recipe from the New York Times' Dining In section (for seaweed-brined roast chicken), and am feeling housewifely. I am also wearing dangly earrings I got for Christmas: they are actually the tiniest-ever lacquered paper origami frogs, and the pattern on their paper incorporates both the shades of the skirt and the t-shirt, even though they sort of clash. (They don't, in the frog.)

I cannot make myself feel good about the novel this morning. This draft finally hangs together, but the drama has been sucked out, and it is like gum that has been chewed too long-- not stretchy, hard, and flavorless. But I am determined to finish this draft, chronologically. I will fix it in the next draft.
Meanwhile I am wondering if it would be all right to take a break and work on the other novel today. I know I have no discipline, but it isn't really that, it's that I don't know when I'm being disciplined and when I'm being stubborn. I need a project manager multiple personality to surface now and tell me how to effectively use my time. I don't know when forcing myself to work harder is going to yield good results and when it will just waste time.

So, on a lighter note, I have just noticed that LJ is trying to make it easier to post pictures, so I will oblige them and do so. Looky, in the Update Journal window, just above and to the right of the Entry box, there's a little drop-down that says "Insert..." and you can use it to post pictures. Goody!
This first one is for [livejournal.com profile] silverwerecat, and is, of course, Roon )!
I've had that picture improperly filed on my desktop forever. And she asked me twice to post it and I couldn't remember where it was, so there it is.

Also: Afraid Of Christmas )

That second one is Scout being terrified of Christmas. My Christmas photos, very atypically of me, are still on my camera for the most part except for a few (like that one) that I managed to get off it with my mom's camera cable, because I cannot find the cable for my camera. Which is really really very much not me. But I can't find it. And I know where I need to look, I think, but I can't find it. I lost it at Thanksgiving. I am a ditz. It's in my laundry basket, or perhaps my suitcase, but I don't know where. Ehhhh. Phoo.

Well, I tried to cheer myself up, now didn't I? And that should count for something.
to continue with my rapid-fire pace of posting, i bring you a short collection of random things, as usual.

1) Novel has a climax. Also, an end. Have got detailed summary. Makes more sense than it did. All is well.
Sat down to write it. Instead wrote this draft's first sex scene. Which then demanded that it be made the opening scene of the novel. It would be a reorganization, but I rather like the thought of opening with a sex scene punctuated by the point-of-view character wishing he could die right there instead of going off and getting tortured to death in the next scene. Thinking about it.
It's sort of the only drama left in the entire freaking soulless draft, but then, I don't actually have any perspective on that.

2) The track team of the boys' school across the street is doing wind sprints down our street. By the time they get to my house they're starting to lose oomph, and the better middle-distance runners are overtaking the sprinters. This is their fifth or sixth sprint, and they're getting very red-cheeked, and their walks back to the starting line are getting slower. One of them's really slow by now.
Weird-- a girl in a gray Catholic school uniform skirt with jeans under it just ran by, laughing, chasing the sprinting boys, bare-headed with a brunette ponytail, her purse over her elbow.

3) Here I was feeling all sorry for [livejournal.com profile] sirielle for how cold it is where she is, when out of curiosity I put a second weather widget into my Dashboard to tell me the temperature in Centigrade, and our temperature has just risen to -6 C, which is the warmest it's been in two days now. It was -10 this morning, and I didn't think it particularly cold-- colder than it's been much of this winter, but not cruelly cold. Heh-- different expectations, I imagine. I don't start really complaining unless it reaches 0 Fahrenheit. (Dashboard's Unit Converter says that's -17.75 C.) That's cold, around here. Although there are doubtless a few on my flist who would laugh at considering that to be cold. (It does get colder where I grew up-- one Christmas when I was a child it was twenty below zero Fahrenheit (-28 C), and my grandmother came over the night before because she knew her car wouldn't start that morning.)
Not that I'm thrilled about my heat bill either.

4) Usually Reuters' Oddly Enough stories are sort of pithy and funny. This one is... not. Pithy, I guess. Starving Woman Curses God, Dies. Nice headline, hm? Yeah. Way to go, Job!
Reminds me that there are way worse things to worry about than my gas bill.

Personally, I'd be more impressed if the head of an oil company dropped dead, but, I guess Reuters isn't there to provide commentary on global warming.



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