Jan. 24th, 2006

Mondays at work are utterly pointless, a waste of time, and usually entertaining, because I get to wander around giving breaks to all sorts of people who've already had them and don't need me to stop by. All it means is that I get to hear everybody's gossip.
Looking back on my entries from last year it strikes me that there were a lot of coworkers I didn't really like. At this point, there are a couple people I dislike, a couple people I don't really like working with but don't think are bad people really, and then pretty much everyone else who I really do enjoy working with and would probably hang out with outside of work if we ever got organized enough.
So that's a nice situation. What's odd is that not all these people like one another, so I'm often in the position of listening to them complain about each other. And they're all usually right about each other, but what I think is particularly excellent is that for the most part, these people choose not to exercise the annoying characteristics they bitch about in one another on me. Which makes me feel like, perhaps, it is possible that these people like me.
Call me easily-amused, but I rather like that I seem to be well-liked by my co-workers.

Unfortunately the Management does not seem to like me so much. Eh well.

So I'm trying to get Z to help me rewrite the boy and the coat story so it's funny. It has to be funny. What I want to do is post the jacket on eBay with such a funny story that people link to it. (Without a darn good story, it's not really worth selling on eBay.) Unfortunately my account of the story tends to focus on narrative accuracy, which just inspires a mix of pity and bemusement in the reader. Z has much more of a flair for the slightly-fictionalized funny. So we're workshopping that.

In other, entirely unrelated news, I still have not received the Burpee seed order I placed on Jan 2nd and this makes me deeply sad.

And in other other news, so, like, who rules Canada now? Come on, flist, don't make me actually rely on a news site for my information.


Jan. 24th, 2006 10:05 am
Holy shit, man. We paid like $600 for the Roto-Rooter guy to do all our drains and our main line and our sewer vent and the whole thing, and I was all, we really didn't need to get allll that done...
Well, I just did my first load of laundry since the work was done. The way our laundry is set up, the washer drains into the stationary tub, which drains into the branch line where we had the blockage. Since the day we moved in, the stationary tub has drained faster than the branch line, and so water has always backed up from the floor drain and come out across the floor a bit. It was always clean water, and always drained away within about two minutes (until the blockage, when it would take about four hours... yummy).
Stationary tub drains even faster now, and no water gets anywhere on the floor at all.
So that was, I guess, pretty much worth it. My basement is dry now.

In other news (because I feel it would just not be right for me to post an entire entry solely about plumbing), I've got a tentative schedule worked up for the completion of Barbarians Novel's first draft, and I figure once I do that (I want to do it before I go to Georgia), then I'll do the second draft of Vikings Novel.
Is anyone at all interested in doing a quick read-through sometime in mid-February of a novel of probably 90,000 words and giving me very general notes on pacing and plot structure? Just throwing that out there as a preliminary question and something to nudge me to actually get it finished. Because this, which despite being the umpteenth rewrite of the thought, will be the first complete draft, and for completion's sake I'm sort of blowing right by considerations of pacing and there are definitely some continuity errors-- but it ought to be a bloody good story. If it isn't I should probably shoot myself now.

If I finish B-N early, then I'll do some fanfic. I'll take requests for that, too, so expect a poll.


Jan. 24th, 2006 02:40 pm
Because my kitchen has been rearranged, I now can sit in my dinette with my laptop on the kitchen table and look out the window. The chair's near a heat vent, and the window's four feet wide (second largest in the house), so there's both light and warmth. And it's better for my back and legs than sitting on the couch or in my bed, which is how I've attempted to write novels in the past.
So I have the laptop on the kitchen table and am watching as the boys' high school across the street lets out for the day. I have a cup of tea and a very small bowl of M&Ms. I have three more major scenes to write and then this novel is done. I hope to finish one today.

I just thought I'd continue with my insane pace of posting a lot, and since the last one was all ranting, this one would be more on the smug side.

Z's comment when I told him the finishing-novel-schedule was that he'd lost track of where I was in the project because I've rewritten it so many times. "I know," I answered.

In other news, I need a new Barbarians Novel icon. I was using the one of Sive that fileg gave me for trick-or-treat one year, but I decided that my heroine (who had initially looked rather a bit like that icon) needed to be more distinctive in appearance, and so now she's black. But I haven't yet found anyone that looks like the image I have of her. All I have concretely defined for her is that her skin is quite dark, her eyes are a medium brown, she is slender, and she has a really captivating smile...
I made bran muffins for dessert. We had leftover cheap chinese for dinner. Dinner was nice, but then Z was being short-tempered with me, so I was writing more and trying not to think about it, and then we were palling around after dinner, but then I said something he didn't like, I guess, and he went off in a huff to go to bed. At nine pm. He's not speaking to me, I guess. I really don't know why. I didn't help by asking him if it was that time of month.
(It is, almost, but for me, not him, and I'm not the testy one at the moment. Really. I swear.)

I've written seven thousand words today. I am not feeling real good about this draft.
Then again, I'm just not feeling real good. My intestines are full of bran. Ow.

Oh, no, eight thousand. Eight thousand words today. Eight thousand mediocre words. Not that there's anything wrong with the words, per se, but they're doing that thing they do, when I write out a plot outline, and I get to that part of the outline, and there's supposed to be a climax, and they don't.
I keep flattening out the peaks and filling in the troughs, and my whole plot is a slightly wavy line when it's supposed to be ginormous ups and downs. I come up with these highly-dramatic situations, and the hero refuses to be quite that melodramatic, and winds up instead being mild-mannered and reasonable and talking his way out of situations that he's supposed to get out of with the skin of his knuckles.

Bah. My Barbarian Hero is really a reincarnated attorney. He's probably bad in bed, too-- I haven't written any of the sex scenes, this draft, out of interests of moving along quickly, and I've just gone back to write one to make myself feel better, and he's talking his way out of that too. I am serious. He will not fuck his wife.

I think it's safe to say, things aren't going very well.



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