Jan. 14th, 2006

seven habits

I haven't been tagged by anyone to do this, but I've so thoroughly enjoyed the odd little glimpses into all your lives that I wanted to answer with my own.
p.s. it's taken me since 7 am on Jan 12th to compose this: I just haven't closed the window. Which might qualify as another strange habit: I tend to leave windows I meant to do something with open on my computer for days on end, and it's only gotten worse since I got a second computer. (O Luxury.)

  • I have a thing about doing and eating things in even numbers, and doing things symmetrically. Like if I step on a crack with one foot while walking on the sidewalk, I have to step on a crack with the other at some point, or I feel unbalanced. I will keep track of these things up to very high numbers. (Another big one is eating M&Ms or similar things. If I chew one on one side of my mouth, I have to do one on the other. Think about it. You have to eat one with a particular side of your mouth. It's not big enough to use both. So you need two.)
  • I almost always look at my feet while I'm walking. It takes conscious effort to look anywhere else. I think this is because I am very, very clumsy. (this contributes to the weird awareness of stepping on cracks, I think.)
  • I have a horror of wasting things. I often won't do something at all, rather than doing it inefficiently. I throw things out all the time, but I feel very strange about it. So I usually end up pack-ratting it, and thus my room is absolutely stuffed with junk. And I won't run an errand until I have to run two, or fifteen, or so. (And then it takes alllll day, and then I remember how much I hate running errands, but at least there's a big sense of achievement afterwards... after the like twelve hours it takes...)
  • I hate overhead lights. I am always unhappy in brightly-lit rooms, but not because they're bright-- I just hate overhead light. It makes me feel tired. I prefer lamps and christmas lights and the like.
  • I have this weird guilt thing about being discovered asleep. My response when awoken by anything is to pretend to be fully alert. This is really annoying. (If I am groggy and sleepy, you can tell I was pretending to be asleep in the first place and am trying to guilt you into letting me go back to doing so.)
  • You'd never know it from my house, but I really dig cleaning things. But what i really like is something you can do and then immediately see major effects of. Like, polishing the copper bottom of the saucepan that hangs over the stove. It was dirty: now it's clean. I always get bogged down in the tedious tidying bit of cleaning up. I like dramatic cleaning.
  • After twenty-six and some change years of life, I still haven't decided whether I prefer my coffee or tea black or not. This applies (somewhat metaphorically) to much of the rest of my life, as well. There are a lot of things I haven't determined my preference in. Which means I tend to be a bit wishy-washy, as usually, I could genuinely go either way. I like to think of it as open-minded, but really, it's mostly just annoying.
Last night we were in the midst of struggling furiously with shelving materials when the phone rang. Z, standing on my desk and working painfully with a power drill and the wrong kind of screws, picked up the phone rather gruffly. "Yes?" he said. "... Yes." and handed me the phone.

It was Katy! She's at home, finished a day of intensive Shopping with her husband, and has been Cleaning like Crazy and discovering all the things that are broken or missing after the year-long house sit. ("Bryant's really good with fixing stuff and improving the place," she said, referring to Adam's brother who was their house-sitter, "but he's also really hard on stuff." So, they have new hardwood floors, but random broken other things.)
I told her a couple funny stories, since that's how we communicate best, and we briefly discussed February. She confessed she'd lost more weight than she really wanted to, and I promised to bring her candy.

In other news, with Ann's help, I have framed my Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash poster that Z bought me for Christmas, we've made an under-counter system for hanging up pots, pans, implements, and decorations, which uses home-custom-made copper-tube hooks, we've made significant progress on a painting of the World's Ugliest Couch to hang above the World's Ugliest Couch in our living room (I know me. I'm never fucking buying a new couch. It just will never happen.), and I've definitely got my kitchen just the way I want it.

I'm also going to make piradzini before I go to work today, because I bought the cheater pizza dough for it and haven't had a chance yet. So... brunch! Saturday brunch. Yes. OK.



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