Jan. 3rd, 2006


Jan. 3rd, 2006 12:33 pm
Ruminating a moment on playlists. Last night Z received a $30 credit to his iTunes account from one of his cousins, for his birthday, and he was perusing the music store. He came across the bizarre stash of celebrity playlists they have there-- most of them are so banal as to leave one baffled as to why they bother (I mean, why should anybody care that Miranda Otto listened to Dylan in acting school? Truly, I could have lived without that; at least it's less obnoxious than the fact that Beyoncé's playlist is entirely composed of her own music), but there were a few that were entertaining, like Andrew Lloyd Webber's.

Anyhow, I'm poking around my computer and thinking of the last time I had any significant quantity of time to write. And indeed, in the beginning of 2004 I believe I was averaging about 100 hours a week of writing-and-music-listening.

a rather frightening snapshot of iTunes playcount stats )

For some reason, some weird little bit of my heart is intensely pleased by the fact that these stats have been kept.
My strange, obsessive-compulsive little heart absolutely leapt for joy when I discovered that it updated the playcounts from when I listen to my iPod as well.
I dunno. I think maybe I'm crazy.

In other news, my Day Off is going somewhat well. I've done a bit of gardening (!)-- mostly tidying the yard and preparing to start seeds indoors. Humorously, I placed my order online last night using the Catalog Quick Order, because I'd written down all the item numbers from Mom's catalog, and then of course today received not one but two Burpee seed catalogs.
I spent $80 on seeds. I can't stop. I am so excited for spring. I need to get started on starting some things NOW, man-- it's too late already for strawberries, and almost too late for pansies, but I've determined to pick up a pack of pansies while at the garden center picking up topsoil because I will NOT buy topsoil online. (That would be dumb.)
I also swung by Home Depot and picked up a packet of seeds for basil because I forgot to order it. Don't tell anyone. But I had to swing by that direction anyway because Z missed the bus and I had to drive him to work, and they were on sale...

I should go be productive or something now.



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