via replied to your post “Nghaaahhmygod I’m covered in hives. Hives.  It’s from going outside. …”

holy shit i hope those are not insect bites.

No definitely not, I’ve had hives before. They’re coming up from under my skin, not punched into it like a bite would be. There are a few insects out now but nothing that could do this. I’m gonna spare everyone and not upload a pic, but it’s pretty classical presentation of hives. 

I guess, I guess, it’s better than an asthma attack. My body is so weird I seem to get these kinds of things sort of interchangeably. Better that than simultaneously, I’d probably have to go to the hospital. 

I have to constantly be aware of not itching myself. It’s really really annoying.
I could, but here’s the thing– sometimes that works, and I have some plans to go back and do that in some older works, someday if I become less prolific– but a lot of times, these things are tossed out for a reason. The basic bones of it aren’t stable, but all the character notes are good, in this case. I had two characters I didn’t know well, and a third character I knew well whose POV it absolutely wasn’t, and I spent 10k flailing, having plot just– happen– and it won’t hold together, not even as an outtake. But all the good parts of it– I mean, I sorted the plot for *the entire work*, including the 50k of stuff that I’d thought was mostly finished beforehand– the good parts of it will work beautifully if i start over and build a new framework.

Nothing is ever wasted. Nothing is ever really thrown away. I don’t ever delete things; I sometimes even save a copy and do my revisions in a new draft, if I’m getting rid of a major direction. Anything more than a couple of paragraphs, I hang onto. Because you never know. It all gets reused eventually. 

(The really hard part is when you have ¾ of something good, and eventually realize you’ll never get the other ¼, and you should just recycle the parts, and god, that’s hard, to go through and strip out the good parts, because it’s usually enough that you have to discard the old thing afterward. It’s hard! But it’s important and it helps you make stronger things going forward.)
I meant to write that you can make wine out of tomatoes. 

You can make literally anything into booze. And you can pickle anything in vinegar, but you can also ferment just about anything to pickle it in its own juices. There’s more of an art to that, though. 

Odd methods of harvest preservation are kind of a dying art but they’re also kind of undergoing a renaissance so I’m sort of pumped about that. 



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