via replied to your post “yes my passport was actually filed away in a desk drawer like an…”

Yay for found passport!

My full passport, which I knew was somewhere in my house.
My passport card, however, suitable for crossing Canada/Mexico borders and boarding planes, was definitely stolen.
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Hope that’s useful. Caveat: that’s based on two pretty experienced and not-jealous RL people, neither of whom had ever been parents. Mileage probably varies.

Marvelous perspective, thanks very much! :)
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Would you like RL input? With a wry expression, I gotta admit I’ve been celibate for ask my 50s, so far, but I had a lover who was in his 50s when I was in my early 40s, so I could offer a thought or two about how it can differ from earlier in life.

I would love some RL input, if you feel like sharing! 
via replied to your post “Thanks to everyone who offered sympathy and non-capitalist bra…”

Oops, well, sometimes I’d don’t get jokes. That’s definitely a thing that happens from time to time. I hope it wasn’t too annoying. My apologies if it was.

haha oh no, not offended, i just figured I should respond to a sincere-sounding note with an honest answer. 
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They may not have been legally entitled to the dirt. A friend’s neighbor had her GOOD topsoil stolen by workmen. She took them to law over it and got some sort of replacement. Might be worth at least threatening them with law to see if they’ll give back some sort of dirt…

Oh, there wasn’t much of it. I have a tiny yard. It’s just. It happens that every part they cleared down to subsoil to make room to pour concrete is where I’d planted bulbs and things, and I’d known they’d all get trampled but I didn’t quite understand that they’d be removed. I had, like… a literal carpet of snowdrops, and it was the only part of the yard I liked. Hyacinth bulbs Ann forced for her wedding, that i took home and planted and was going to give back. I knew anything alive would get squashed, but I just. I didn’t prepare myself for the stuff under the dirt to be gone. In the garden beds. Next to but not part of the driveway.

It wasn’t good topsoil. But it had my stuff in it.

I had gone through and dug up a lot of snowdrops and brought them to my sister, who had dutifully planted them, but FarmBaby dug up every single one and crushed it because she likes to play in dirt too. 
via replied to your post “Look. I don’t have a favorite task at work, because literally all I do…”

I so hear you re internalized expectations to Do More but not knowing where to aim AND having brain troubles compounding the struggle. May I offer you a companionable high-five simply for staying alive and posting stuff? o/\o

*companionably high-fives you back* 

And yes, posting stuff– i’m doing better at that, that’s an upward progress from where I was not too long ago. 
via replied to your photo “So I thought, okay, I have this goofy song that gets sung by a…”

Congrats on this accomplishment! I admire your perseverance in getting beyond the brain obstacles!

I don’t know how one writes musical notation on the computer, I might have to do it on a piece of paper and take a goddamn photo.
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In that case, do you know about Eleanor Arnason’s story called Mammoths of the Great Plains? It’s pro SF, not fanfic, but AU to RL.

I do not! I will look it up! 

I wrote about 95k of an original novel that involved magic and time-travel and mammoth hunters, Bronze Age Ireland death rituals, and a literal fuck-or-die scenario that I still find hot on my rereads, but what I loved most about the book was writing about mammoth-bone huts. I am such a weirdo nerd.
Oh yes, title suggestions would be appreciated! I just– it’s too big and sprawling for me to feel like I can come up with a thing to call it! I’m hung up on making a home out of the wind somehow, but I just can’t figure it out. 
The world in general is a place of astonishment. I was only remembering the glitter text from MySpace, because I am that old– oh my gosh, we thought we were so cool, even though we were old enough to know better. You’re right that the flames are by far the best thing. Excellent choice. 
I had not thought about sports at all. 

Food names are traditional in my family. My childhood pets were Biscuit (dog), Cupcake (male cat), Snickerdoodle (male cat), Macaroon (male cat), Gingersnap… I currently have a cat named Chita Rivera after the Broadway star but that’s an anomaly. (She’s singing right now, though, so it’s fitting.)

For some reason it’s important to me that they’re secret names, and the POV character sort of builds it up that Bucky’s keeping these names secret, but he’s keeping them secret because they’re not his cats, see, he’s only fostering them, it’s not like these are their *real* names. 



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