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You might not be able to reply on mobile; I surely haven’t figured out how to, though I don’t use the app, just the mobile site, so maybe that’s why. Otherwise there’s a little icon at the bottom of posts that looks like a cartoon speech bubble. Replying to replies only works with Xkit, though, and even that they frequently break on purpose when they update the main site.

I had heard of/ read a couple of the Hellenistic myths of that sort, which is sort of why I thought of it, so I had an inkling there might be some kind of precedent there. I don’t know if I really can do it justice, but it’s got me thinking, which is better than not thinking, I guess. Thanks for the boost; that might be something I ought to research some more! I’d been making a point of not tying anything to any real myths etc., but it sure doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration.

It just. Making her trans makes so much more of the story kind of… have more weight? I don’t know. I should probably reread what I have and mull it over some more.



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