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Next up in my Notable Quotables from Harbors of the Sun (and again, if this is too much, since I know like nobody’s in this fandom, block the tag “botr” for books of the raksura): 

Face-biting. I did not notice this in any previous books, but in this book, our heroes developed a habit of biting people’s faces, and in one case, biting a face clean off. What this says about Raksura jaws, I am sort of hesitant to fully imagine. I mean… I knew they unfolded, but I didn’t know know it.

Nothing for a cranky mood like some cathartic face-biting. First up, location 1777: 

Moon is my darling angsty sweet princess baby who bites his enemies’ faces off and I am enchanted. 

And then, in case you were worried she wouldn’t, his mother repeats the move, at location 5023, she only fails to completely replicate this because her target is a much larger creature. 

I tell you what if I had jaws that extended and this kind of outlet for my rage I’d probably be a much more serene person. Well, intermittently. 



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