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I wish I were in the habit of taking outfit photos because this week has been entertaining. When I’m at the farm, see, I dress almost exclusively in surgically-altered-t-shirts-that-fit-weirdly, and cutoff sweatpants, with an assortment of ill-fitting sports bras to round out the look, and a healthy coating of dirt because if you’re dumb enough to shower you’ve just murphy’s-law’d your way to a really gross thing happening to you one way or another (think something animal-feces-related or maybe a shower of spiderweb-tangled debris into your hair) so it’s best if you just keep showering to a minimum). 

So being here and having the plausible deniability of an office job combined with it being a back-office job so nobody cares what I wear means that I’ve basically spent this week playing ridiculous dress-up. Yesterday I wore what I’m pretty sure was a wildly unflattering microfiber bodycon dress with screenprinted floral-patterned tights. Today I’m cosplaying an elementary school teacher that everyone’s pretty sure is a witch. What did I wear Monday? I forget. Oh, a tank dress I’d cut off and sewn a frilly lace hem onto at mid-thigh, over a cropped tank top, with bright blue tights. 

I don’t do “graceful” middle age, it turns out. 

I wish I’d remembered to put jewelry on, and it would be awesome if I’d remembered to do makeup, because this is a perfect outfit to wear black lipstick with. Nobody sees me so nobody cares, remember, it’s just that it amuses me. And on the farm, you just don’t want to put anything on you that you care about, because it’s going to get snagged, bleached, or otherwise wrecked. (Carrying dirty cinderblocks hugged against your belly because you can’t support the weight any other way is a great way to completely destroy a t-shirt, for example.) So all my failed clothing-modification experiments, if they’re not so frilly as to snag things, go to the farm… 



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