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Every fucking day at the dog grooming shop I worked at. “Oh yes I was trying to make an appointment for fluffy” “yeah and the groomer called and left a message with some possible dates” and then I’d have to go but to groomer to find out what those dates actually were because SOMEBODY DIDNT LISTEN TO THEIR VOICEMAIL

Yeah. You’re not calling an office to schedule an appointment, you’re calling a retail establishment. Have you ever been to a retail establishment that had a receptionist? No, we don’t do that. That’s not how it works. Even hairdressers and so on, there’s not a dedicated receptionist. You’re not going to get ahold of someone, by phoning, who has all the information at their fingertips. You’re especially not going to directly reach the person who left you the message and who presumably knows what that message contained– not at a place that employs more than two people, anyway.

I get that you want to do stuff for customers and give them a good experience and all, but there’s a point where they have to take some ownership of their own desires. People call asking about orders all the time and have no clear notion of what it is. We file specialty items by size, sometimes– it’s alphabetized, sure, but I’ll spend all day looking in the regular file under your name if you don’t tell me it was oversized, like a large print or a box full of VHS tapes or whatever. And I’ve even had people call and when I ask (i’ve learned to phrase it this way) “what name is the order under?” tell me their own name, and after much searching, eventually they remember that their mother dropped it off, so it would be under her name instead. 

Like, I’m not fucking psychic? I understand that I’m being paid to do a job for you but I’m not psychic! Take a tiny bit of initiative here and we’ll all be much happier! Christ. 

(It’s never millennials, by the way. It’s exclusively people in their fifties and up. Young people almost always have reasonable phone etiquette and organize their thoughts before dialing. Maybe it’s just that our customers skew so elderly… Not that we don’t have young idiots, but they’re not this kind of idiot.)



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