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Does Pearl have a nickname? I don’t recall seeing one. I know Malachite is literally called The Terror Of The Western Reaches. And while on the one hand, I love Murder Moms, I feel like calling a queen a mom is kind of… not… quite right somehow. I mean, they are, but. 

God, I was resisting the siren call of writing fanfic for this, because the only times I’ve tried writing Raksura fanfic have been so difficult (it just seems to bring out my worst writing? I have one success so far and the rest is all like, stuffed under a virtual pillow on my machine because it is so so so bad), but I have like, 1k words now, post-Harbors, of both Jade and Chime being guiltily and inadvertently turned-on thinking about Moon’s youthful experimentations with cross-species sexual hijinks, and I totally don’t want to write Pearl/Malachite but I think I might have to. 

I think the best part is that nobody else would understand what was going on at all. Queens don’t… like… each other… at all… so what could they possibly be doing in there??? ??? ?? all?? night?? and there’s no?? screaming?? what even?? 

Their idea of dirty talk would be complete silence, I think. 

I’m terrible at ship names but I am delighted to contemplate this. 



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