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But the source material is so good, really– I’m pleased enough with my little story, but I just don’t know if I really do it justice. The whole series deals with how that character, Moon, was orphaned as a very young child, and only finds his people as an adult, and then has to try to learn to fit in. (That’s why he can’t read in his native language, in that story, only in ones he learned from his surroundings as he grew up; he was old enough to speak, but not to read, when he was orphaned.) 

I won’t be a tedious evangelist, but really, there’s just so much more in the source– even just the teaser snippet of the first chapter of the first book– anyway. Nobody ever has time for a new text-only fandom, but if there was a time to join it, it’s now, since this was the last book in the continuity so you could read the whole series at one fell swoop. (Fell swoop! Hah! Get it? No of course not, and it’s a bad joke anyway.) (The Fell are the villains and they fly. So they’d swoop.) (If you have to explain it, it’s not funny. It wasn’t funny anyway.) (I’ve had too much coffee.)

Ha, rereading it I’ve only just noticed that in a story about shapeshifters, I don’t mention shifting one time in that entire story. Every character in that story has two forms, most of them with wings, and I just don’t mention it. I guess it says a lot about the rich source material that the wings are among the less-interesting parts of the characters. 

That’s what you get when you write curtainfic about lizard-bee-dragon-lion people, I guess.



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