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Well. I had horrible sinus pain earlier, very weird, not typical for me, but there was a ton of wind and I feel like that’s indicative of a pressure change in the atmosphere? I don’t know, it was cripplingly painful. I tried to take a nap, but the wind was so loud, and I’ve lived in a yurt so long (I’m not, I’m in my house currently, but the reflex is there I think) that I kept starting awake in terrible anxiety when it gusted. I also get that sometimes, when I try to nap when I’ve actually had enough sleep, even if I’m drowsy– I’ll just lie there all anxious and dozy and it’s actually the worst. 

Anyway. I gave up on napping, and my sinuses were better, so I went and blew my nose and there was a lot of semi-dry blood in it but I’d never had a nosebleed, so that was weird, and also not usual for me.

I decided to get off my ass and cook. So now I’ve made two pies, both of which will be served cold at a later date. I literally spent four hours cleaning, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and still cooking, and then I let Dude make tonight’s dinner (one of the pies is a bacon-and-egg potato pie for tomorrow– I’d link to the recipe, but it’s the NYT, if you Google it and click through you can look at the recipe, but if you follow a direct link, you have to create an account and sign in. Fuck the New York Times, for many reasons, but this too, so Google “Treflai” and do not let Google autocorrect you to “trifle”. It’s really called Treflai, and it’s from September 11 198…8?… and it is one of the signature dishes of my childhood. My mother simplified the recipe greatly, and I’ll get a copy of hers one day; I thought I did, but had to Google it instead– I simplified it a bit, but also added onions to the bacon because having eaten this a lot, I thought it could probably use it).

While I was messing around with pie crust bullshit– and I discovered that if you just follow Joy of Cooking’s basic pie crust recipe but do it in a food processor, that’s just fine, there’s a specific one they intend you to use with a food processor (for puff pastry) but you can just do a regular pie crust that way if you don’t have a stand mixer, which I don’t– I made a fruit pie too. So– blueberry pie.

We’ll eat the blueberry pie tonight and tomorrow night and probably the night after, and the treflai for dinner tomorrow and lunch the day after, and I feel very organized but also rather tired. Somehow, at the farm, I can pull off that level of cooking every day. Today, I couldn’t even make dinner on top of that. I let Dude do it– shrimp and pasta with cream sauce and a bunch of garlic. 

Tonight’s excitement is probably going to be the next episode of Twin Peaks Season 3; to prepare for it, Dude just gave me a half-hour soliloquy on all the episodes I missed while I was out of town, which is way more boring than you’d expect.



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