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@bomberqueen17 replied to your post: i got peer pressured into joining a shotski of…

that’s such a dumb idea? if it was anything but jaeger I’d say what a waste of alcohol but I mean, jaeger.

us pittsburghers during the OHIO song: wow that shotski thing looks like a bad idea

thirty minutes later: bride wants a shotski? BRIDE GETS A MOTHERFUCKING SHOTSKI. us other sixteen people are just gonna keep her company with shotskis of our own!

I gotta admit, I’m actually a little sad and jealous. My youngest cousin finally got married… and didn’t invite any of the cousins. We were all looking forward to it, because we’re very widely dispersed and only get together for very special occasions, and the last wedding was of one of the ones in Norway, so most of us couldn’t make it, but this is the sister of two of the cousins with little kids so they’d definitely be there, and so the rest of us could kind of collect and all see one another and probably the two in Norway with babies wouldn’t make it but maybe the third Norway cousin would, and definitely our aunt, which is like enough for a quorum kinda, and we could all catch up and have such a good time and– 

She didn’t invite us. There’s weird stuff there, mostly an abusive step-aunt who isolated her, so she doesn’t really know us, but she’s an adult now and this would be the time to reach out– but she decided that since the groom’s family was huge, they’d save money by just writing her family off entirely and not inviting us. [Her sisters were super upset but, well, it’s not like it would be worth it to protest; this is their one shot to attempt to reconcile with the stepsister, so…]

So that was last weekend, and my mother went and mass-texted all of us updates about how weird and terrible it was. 

But I didn’t get to see the cousins, or their kids, and my effort (knowing this wedding wasn’t going to include us) to have a renegade party of our own this summer was derailed by older sister being in the midst of moving and telling us we couldn’t possibly schedule anything, so… 

I’m sort of sad and jealous and thwarted, because there’s awfulness to giant Wedding Shenanigans things, always, but it’s such a good opportunity for family reunions.



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