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I just watched a short vid to see what tambour embroidery was, and it looked to me like a slower, more difficult way of sewing a chain stitch than doing it with an embroidery needle… I guess I’ll need to find some longer videos to discover what the advantage of tambour embroidery is and what the differences are.

The point is that it’s faster, much much faster. I never use chain stitch when I’m doing regular embroidery because it takes forgoddamnever, but with tambour, it’s two gestures instead of about seven. 

The only problem is that it takes a while to master it. But I saw it when I was researching Kazakh yurt hangings (they make these amazing things called “dream quilts” that are made of giant slabs of felt with applique, and they’re just all chain-stitch-outlined, and I saw a video of a woman doing the chain stitching and it was so fast it was like she was drawing, and I had to keep researching forever to find out what on earth she was doing– but it’s tambour hook embroidery, that’s how they do it). 

I want to learn how to do it because it’s the fastest method I can find for applique, among other things. But it’s so damn hard to get the hang of.

The other thing it’s perfect for is attaching beads or sequins to fabric, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but have never figured out how to do properly. You just do it from the back, so the chain stitch is on the back of the fabric, and the thread carries across the front and locks each bead down. Anything you own that’s embellished with sewn-on beads or sequins is probably tambour-stitched. 

But that’s a whole other ball of wax; I have to master the basic stitch before I can try adding beads to it, I think.

I took a break today and did a painting instead. OK, not a proper painting, but I painted a sign on a hunk of canvas, and instead of it being for someone else like literally all the painting I’ve done for the last several years, it’s for me, and it’s just text art but it’s a piece I wanted, so now I have it. I’d post pictures but since my computer’s busted, I don’t have my phone photos on it. I’ll wait until it’s done and do a post from my phone.

Painting is still the fastest method of embellishment, lol. 



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